Soulmates & Twinflames

How to know who is your Soulmate or Twin flame?

There have been many questions about divine counterparts. That includes Soulmates and Twin flames.

Soulmates and also Twin flames are part of the Soul Connection collective.

We can have more than one Soulmate in our lives. All of which serve a different purpose. For Twin flames, you only have one. Then there are Twin rays who are very rare and similar to Twin flames. There is a dynamic vibration with divine counterparts pulling them together as soon as they meet. They know right the way that they are in for the long-haul.

The energy is very intense with a divine counterpart. It gets confusing trying to label both Soulmates and Twin flames. When you meet a Soulmate, they help complete the areas in your life that are necessary. Meeting your Twinflame puts everything in proper perspective and helps you understand your divine purpose in life. The energy sometimes can be overwhelming, especially during a full moon or a solar/lunar eclipse.

Coming into union

This is the ultimate goal when meeting your divine counterpart. But by meeting your divine counterpart, there’s more behind than what is on the surface. The relationship can total bliss but at the same time can be the most painful experience you’ve ever felt. There is no other relationship that can take the place of divine counterparts. Twin flames are continuously on your mind

Divine counterparts can heal you spiritually.

Soulmates can help you find true direction and direct your path where you need to be, many times it can be a short-term or even a long-term relationship. Twin flames can go through many years before they can find peace and serenity with one another.

Not because they can’t be with each other but because they need to work on themselves and sometimes that includes working and being with a  Soulmate or even a Karmic.This makes both Twins realize their own mistakes as they correct and heal themselves. This is releasing and surrendering into a 5D union.

Divine process stages

They both need to work on themselves simultaneously to correct and release negativity. They amplify and manifest their connection. But they both need to be ready and be opened for divine union.

They have a spiritual mission to find truth and peace inside themselves. This is an ultimate goal for most, everyone seeking out their divine counterpart. They must first acknowledge their true identity before they can come together into union. They do more than just live a happy-ever-after life but helping humanity and the greater good on Earth together.

Twin flames reach each other in 5D energetically.

This actually takes some into another dimension with one another. Finding their true identities with each other and communicating telepathically when in meditation.

Letting go of their ego

Many call their divine counterpart a narcissist. But it’s not being narcissistic but the behavior pattern that they portray. This prevents either one from coming in together as one form. When one has an enormous ego and also if one is codependent on the other. In that case, they cannot manifest or come into union.

This is where they must acknowledge their strength and the power they feel for each other energetically.They do struggle as they try to find each other. It’s all part of the process as they both have a higher calling to help heal the world and themselves.

Telepathically communicating

While meditating, they can actually hear the messages and reciprocate them. This is one of the many gifts that Twin flames develop when they are in either separation or union. Meeting yours does not necessarily mean that you need to be in union in order to find your true identity and develop your spiritual abilities.

Get more in tune with your spiritual abilities and capabilities to know how to enhance and bring out your true potential. You may be surprised at how many gifts you are holding and meeting your Twin actually helps you discover them.
You may have the gift of healing, empathy, clairvoyance, psychic energy, and many more…
The best thing to do is to pay attention and take it one step at a time.

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