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Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: How will it affect Soulmates & Twin Flames?

Mercury Retrograde is back! March 5 – 28 2019


I’ve been asked this past few weeks several questions on how Mercury retrograde affects Soulmates and Twin flame relationships.

Even if you’re not into Astrology or understand the planets completely. You may have heard how Mercury retrograde makes everything go haywire, especially with love relationships!   

In this article, I’m going to give a little brief summary on what to expect and how to avoid the chaos along with the drama that the energy associates when Mercury goes into retrograde.


Well, about 3 to 4 times a year, Mercury retrograde passes between both the Sun and Earth, causing it to spin backwards. The retrograde typically lasts around three weeks.


The influence goes into a shadow effect 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after the retrograde.


This time ,the retrograde goes into intuitive Pisces, which is the most psychic Sign of the Zodiac. Creating spiritual and intuitive energy to be amplified on higher frequencies.


With Mercury retrograde, it’s very difficult to find a peaceful conversation with your divine Soulmate or loved one.


It is highly recommended that you don’t get into any deep discussions or conversations during the retrograde.


Trying to keep the peace is best during the retrograde. Otherwise you will find yourself in a misunderstanding and many times saying the wrong things and later, regretting everything that was brought up.


When you have something to say, try to preserve it and wait until the retrograde is completely over. This is the time to listen, communicate with caution.


For Signing any contract or making an important decision that is brand new, it is highly recommended that you wait until after the retrograde.

Along with buying any brand new electronic gadgets, but this only applies if you have never owned a phone or any electronics, computers or gadgets.


Also something that you haven’t done before, it is best to wait.


Mercury retrograde and Pisces is a Divination time of energy cleansing and bringing up the subconscious truth with love and relationships.


With Mercury retrograde, we see a lot of old friends, flames, Soulmates and Twin flames reconciling, meeting up, and getting back together is extremely common as well as forming a commitment.

Twin flame or soulmate? I’ve been asked this question numerous times and by many people. As I’ve mentioned in many of my articles and videos, twin flames are actually part of the soul connection collective and not all will meet a specific type. We do have more than one Soulmate. Soulmates comes into a person’s life to help them grow and many times to teach them a valuable lesson and vice versa. This can be a deep emotional relationship or someone who is just a friend. Twin flames hold a very strong spiritual attachment to your very Soul. How to know if it’s your Twin flame? When you meet your twin, it is just like looking into a mirror and many times it feels as if you were awakening to something that you’ve never experienced. When the reflection comes back at you, it can release a powerful surge that many times will create a fear. Although your twin may not feel the awakening at the same time, he or she is definitely picking up a higher vibration. Twin flames life’s can make a 360 degrees change. That can move towards a very beautiful path of self exploring a total bliss. Twin flames also have some work to do on themselves simultaneously in order to get to the higher stages with spirituality and also the physical union. This relationship is by far very different, extremely deep and with a powerful energy that you will ever encounter. Both twins are evolving and merging, also commonly referred to waking up. When meeting your twin flame, you will also notice there are many signs that come up. The most common or 1111 coming up on clocks, license plates, phones and etc. There are also other numbers that signify the connection but these are the confirmation for twin flame numbers. If you’re awake and aware, you do understand that your inner spirit needs to have some work done, in order to prepare for the divine union. Twin flame relationships are not necessarily the most harmonious because of the negativity they go through. Twin flames go through chaos and their relationship can seem toxic before they do come into a divine union. Accompanied by a short or long separation, there is many spurts of purging, cleansing and clearing of the chakra system. It’s not easy for twin flames. Release and surrendering all that does not serve a purpose in yours and your twins life. The biggest sign when twins are coming into an union is the energy that can feel together. Even if they are apart, they still will feel one another’s energy vibration amplified to a higher 5D level. Twin flame‘s send each other energy that many times can be interpreted into telepathic messages when they are aware and awake. When meeting your twin flame, your whole life changes and you begin a more spiritual path. Understanding that they are your mirror and everything has not been yet healed in yours and their lives. They are actually meant to show your entire life and how it changes right around. This energy that you both share is magnetic. Everyone around you both can feel it. And together, you both become a super power couple! Does everybody meet their twin flame in this lifetime? Actually, not everyone will be their twin flame. This is not a sure thing, and there is also healing that needs to be done for yourself separately. You can skip a lifetime, sometimes two, before you can meet your twin flame. Once you do meet your twin, you will know and without not question that it is indeed your true twin flame. If it does skip a lifetime, can I be happy with a Soulmate? Absolutely! Meeting a divine partner is not necessarily meaning that it has to be a twin flame connection. Actually, there are other types that are just as strong and intense that mimic the exact energies of twin flames. Feeling the extreme emotional surges that come along with twin flames which can be confused many times with twin flames. The differences with soulmates and twin flames is that there is less drama and emotional purging. Where you meet your twin flame, it can feel as if your heart is being tested and emotionally challenged. There are many different types of Divine soulmates and though we all will meet different ones at various times of our lives, it’s never good to search and seek for a specific type because it seems like a good fit in your life. The truth is that we need to get involved with different relationships and meet different people in order to find our Divine partner. Even if it is a temporary soul connection or someone just passing through in your life, it is all part of love and searching for someone that complements your energy and Life. Your vibration will help you find your Divine soulmate/partner. Yes, meeting your twin flame in your life will change forever. It will challenge the soul to grow at the same time, expanding into the highest potential couple, in order to fulfill your soul mission to their true purpose on this earth, alongside each other. The important thing is stop searching, but work on yourself, if you are looking for your Divine soulmate, you will find her/him. You will not find them by searching but they will unite with you through love; it’s all about loving yourself and learning to find your inner peace.    

This is the simple fact because it was never finished and it was always pending.

I know a lot of Twin flames and separated couples will mark their calendars waiting for their divine partner to reappear and hopefully ready for a divine union.

Mercury retrograde is a time for completion when it comes to relationships, when something has been left unfinished, the retrograde can bring Twin flames back together.


You may also meet up with old friends that you haven’t seen in a long time. Mercury retrograde is a blessing in disguise for all the divine Soulmates and Twin flame relationships.


There are many different types of soulmate connections that we meet in our lifetime. Some are more intense energetically than others and some involve more drama, chaos and negativity with coming to a divine union in Harmony. Though some may be very unique, they all share one thing in common and that is the runner and chaser phases. That all soul mate energies connection can experience. In the beginning there’s a magnetic pull, as they get closer and stronger, one usually will pull away because of fear or doubt. This is commonly known as the runner and chaser stages. The twin flame connection has many different types of stages. The runner and Chaser Dynamic is caused by internal conflict and ego. Many times there are previous sold wounds and emotional issues that can rise very high in the early stages of merging with the  twin flame Energy bond. The runner is running from something more eternal and not realizing why they are running. This can be a series of arguments and back-and-forth reconciling and then disconnect. There may be some narcissistic behavior because of ego-based energies attached. In this type of situation the chaser is actually the more advanced and a mature soul where the runner is actually the one who is not aware and mature enough to understand their soul purpose together. The runner and chaser dynamic can last for several months and sometimes for years. It’s never good to continue to chase and try to nudge the runner back. Understanding why the twin flame runner runs, can be confusing. It may not be the reasons that you are assuming, like that it was you. But actually it has nothing to do with how they feel about their twin. This is mainly internal conflict deep inside their core. There are many different reasons why they are running. Not everyone is the same for example some runners may run because they are blocking the feeling of  a lack love or abandonment that could’ve started from their childhood. Many are afraid of love and don’t know how to express themselves because of their own past emotions. And for some it has a lot to do with the intensity to the feel with someone that they barely even know, that it scares them when it comes to love and commitments. No matter how long the runner runs, there will be something that will pull them back to their soulmate. It will happen sooner or later, never putting a time on exactly how long because of their learning their own life lessons and this may take time. You may read many different theories about twin flames (soul connections) runners and chasers. The one thing they all have in common is that the both runners and chasers need each other to fulfill their own life lesson and complete their soul mission purpose together. Does the runner ever return? It’s something you may ask. The answer is simple

Many times, Mercury retrograde can create disagreements and break ups.


These are temporary separations and are not permanent. They do not last because of the retrograde creating miscommunication. Mercury retrograde and Pisces is a time of rejuvenation and rest. Because Pisces is a water sign, it is also very emotional and empathic.



You may be picking up energy from your divine Soulmate or Twin flame more so during this retrograde.


You can also telepathically communicate and send messages effortlessly and easily through meditation. This is also an ideal time to get in tuned with your spirituality, focusing on working on yourself along with reaching your higher self.


The one question I’m often asked most.     

Psychic energy during Mercury retrograde in Pisces is heightened and amplified, it’s a great time for readings.


It’s not a time to move forward during the retrograde but making those plans and setting up your itinerary for the upcoming season. This is the best time for you to explore your passion and ideas for the upcoming season.


Anything that you have not completed, this is a time to get back to it. Mercury retrograde gives us an opportunity to get those projects done and many times achieve a goal. Mercury retrograde and Pisces is a very challenging time when it comes to Soulmate and Twin flame connections.


Just be prepared and know that you can get through this, as long as you are aware of the Astrological influence and affects that it brings each time Mercury goes into retrograde.

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