Soulmates & Twinflames

Cutting ties with your Twin flame?

Disconnecting your connection from your divine counterpart?

Severing the ties or cord cutting?

A very popular question that I have been asked about. People who are going through difficult times with their Twin flame try to disconnect or cut the ties with the soul mind. This actually creates more pain and heartache.

Karmic connections?
Karmic connections can mimic the Twin flame connection. When a karmic connection is sent to you, it is usually to bring out and purge away negativity, to prepare you for a divine union with your Twin. This is also referred to as the faults Twin, which doesn’t truly exist. 

There’s no way to tell if it’s a Karmic when you are with them unless you actually meet your Twin flame while with your Karmic. You will then know instantly that the Karmic was temporary and have no feelings or emotions for that person.

Your Twin is a dynamic Soul connection, and you only have one but have many different types of Soulmates and Karmic sent to enter your life prior to meeting your divine counterpart.

Twinflames originate from one divine source, splitting into two separate souls.

Prior to meeting your divine counterpart and living in harmony, there are many challenges catalysts with different Soul connections.
Disconnecting or cutting the ties cannot successfully happen. It’s mainly a mind over matter trying to convince herself that you are not connected to your divine counterpart when in separation. Separation and disconnection are not even possible in the afterlife. Twin flames follow each other throughout lifetimes.

Why is there a separation?

The purpose of separation is to perfect themselves in order to come to divine union. They can’t evolve spiritually unless they work on themselves. And it sometimes usually has to happen when they are on their own. But being separated is not meant to be painful. It depends on everyone, as there is usually a release and surrendering of past emotional wounds. And this goes on for both Twin flames.

No one is getting the worst end of the stick, they are both working on themselves simultaneously feeling an equal amount of pain and heartache during this process.
Everyone is different and depending on the amount of work they need to be working on.

Being ready for the union

Many people try to disconnect and end up finding more feelings of hurt and regret. Knowing that you can’t successfully cut the ties from your divine counterpart, but working with coping and dealing with the healing process is the key to find peace and serenity inside yourself.

In order for them to release, they must examine and let go of this functional energy. There is a deep cord attach to their seven chakras and Twin flames experience a higher 5D frequency vibration, more than any other Soul connection in the Collective. The purpose of Twin flames coming together is to balance the energy of the greater good.

Twinflames need to find peace and truth.

They will not be able to live under the same roof if there are unresolved issues and dysfunctional energy between them too. The main reason for separation is to work on themselves alone away from their divine counterpart. The healing process can take time, yes we don’t like to hear that but this is very necessary for them to awaken and find their inner peace and open themselves to what the truth lies beneath their core.

They both need one another in order to heal and awaken, to correct what is inside one another to align their energies as they come in to gather at one. Think of it as disconnecting or cutting ties with your Twin flame, it feels the same as if it was amputating a part of your Soul.

This does sound extreme. That’s all about working on yourself to make things right. Finding forgiveness and unconditional love for yourself. You will be tested with many life lessons as you go through this process. But it’s only to make your connection stronger and much more empowered with each other.
It does not take long to work on yourself once you understand the process. 

Nobody can tell you what your life lessons are or how to work on them. The ego will come into place, in other words, no one wants to hear what they need to correct about themselves. This is something you need to ask yourself and find what you need to do to make yourself complete.

Constructive criticism can be productive on your soul journey. Life lessons sometimes can be very painful too, but as you grow spiritually you learn to understand what you need to do and so does your divine counterpart as you both work on each other, reciprocating your energies.

Spirituality is number one when it comes to evolving. What if working with your Soul coach, Spiritualist psychic or Spiritual guru will help you find ways to combat gear-based energies and align your chakras. Meditation is essential for direct healing and amplifying your connection higher.

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Meditating on a daily basis can help you in many ways. This will help you find inner truth and connect with your higher self to guide you through the obstacles in front of you. This is also the ultimate way to telepathically communicate to your divine counterpart.

Messages come through, and you are able to hear them if you are more advanced to accept them. There’s no one right way to meditate but finding ways to relax and hear the messages is the key.
Listen to the signs and the messages are coming through from your higher self, this will help you amplify your Soul connection and evolve spiritually.

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