Twin flame Separation – Is The union near?

Meeting your Twin flame for the very first time is the most intense and beautiful experience you will ever feel.

When this person walks in your life and then suddenly you’re separated, nothing in your life will ever feel the same. Your life has changed at 360 and this person was not just a regular relationship or someone you dated, this was your Divine counterpart. The single person who is the other half of yours, in the divine level, making your souls linked together, something that you will not share with anyone else.

When you meet your Twin, you know that there is no one else that can come close to this feeling. You have met yourself through the eyes of someone else’s soul.

They complete you as the connection becomes so intense and the love is unconditional. Twinflame is your mirror image, the person who knows you better than you know yourself.

When separation happens, it’s usually because one twin is scared and needs to heal from old past wounds. This can be devastating for both twins. As they both need to work on themselves even harder to make union possible but more importantly to be at peace with themselves.

With the energy in Twin flames, they can feel one another from the inner core. Even though they may not be aware of what each other is going through, their internal pain is equal. Runner and chaser stages can last sometimes years until they finally figure out what they need to do and work on themselves.

Twinflame separation is never permanent. They have that soul connection that cannot be broken, so no matter how long it takes they will find themselves back together. You may think what if that never happens?

This is a connection that follows each other in many lifetimes until they get it right. When they are on this earth together, there is a constant magnetic pulling energy that will bring them back together.

How to know the union is near?

You’re feeling a deeper vibe and seeing signs everywhere.He will also start to feel very excited and know that something is about to happen. You’re anticipating more activity in your life, getting more into spirituality with your body and soul. You may get excited and cold sweats without realizing what that may be. Feeling an overwhelming feeling of self-love. This is an indication of the separation stage is coming to a close, and something is pulling your energies together.

As the union draws nearer, your intuition level will be very high. Feeling things spiritually and even predicting certain events for not only you but other people.

You know who you are and feel more confident?

The whole purpose of Twin flames coming together is to bring out their true identities and find one another to come together as one. Even if you met your Twin, but are not currently in a union, you have met your divine counterpart. In return, this is helping you find yourself and them as well, even though they may not be currently with you. They are definitely feeling a major shift in their lives that is forcing them to open up and be aware of what truly matters.

Coming to terms and forgiving people in your past. If there was a relationship or someone that you never completely forgiven, you will automatically have love in your heart that even if they didn’t ask for it, you’ll let it go. This is all about releasing and surrendering. Many times the runner stage will ignite the runner to play everything out on the table and sort through their own negativities.

You see signs like crazy. This could happen and have not given time during the twin flame separation. The signs are all indicators that something is going on that may not seem the same on the surface. But nevertheless, your Twin and you are definitely working through these challenges.

Dreams become more vivid. When you dream of your Twin, and they seem like it was so real, chances are you might actually be Astro traveling. When you actually connect with your Twin through the dream cycle, you are automatically opening that portal to bring you both closer together and in a Union. So you may dream of them in a series of dreams or just once in a while, it’s all indicators telling you that something is pulling you both closer together.

Feeling the Energy is if they’re right next to you. This is very common with Twin flames, as they are coming together, they could actually feel one another as if it was the Sixth sense Energy. So they are still here on the Earth, you both can feel one another energetically.

Things are starting to make sense and you’re starting to feel more like yourself. Coming to terms with things and knowing that you’re starting to prepare for your Twin to enter back in your life. This is the most terrible and beautiful experience you can have.

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