Soulmates & Twinflames

Definition with Soulmates – Twin flames – Twin Rays – Karmic Connections

The blue full Moon in Scorpio is a very high cosmic charge of energy that is more intensified than a regular Full Moon. This full Moon will bring in some very intense energy along with transformations and opportunities for the Soul Connection Collective. That includes all Soulmates, Twin flames, Twin rays, Karmic flames, past lives and spiritual connections. The blue full Moon is so intense that it will make a big impact with all love and divine soulmate relationships. This full Moon is in Scorpio, the intuitive sign of spirituality. It will target people born under the sign also who have this sign strongly in their chart. But all signs can feel the intensity with the blue full Moon. It will be targeting Soulmates and Twin flames along with other spiritual connections that will feel this intensity very strongly. Every month, we do expect a full Moon, it’s very common to feel the effect of our energy being heightened and stir it up. The same way it has an effect on our oceans and is a very common time when babies are born because the emotions and energies are heightened during this time. A full Moon in Scorpio is powerful. The energy has been more intense these past few months for divine soul connections, especially Twin flames. Because of the many different solar effects and events that have been occurring, it’s hard to keep up with what is happening next. I try to look at what we can do to help ourselves during these times and get past these energy ships when they do occur. Manifesting your desires during a blue full Moon. This utilizes the powerful energy that is with the Moon and helps with releasing negativity. When our thoughts create our reality, it helps us to take time to think about what we truly want and desire in our lives. When the energies are set into motion, we actually can bring them into our own reality. This is all part of the law of attraction. Although the full blue Moon happens on one particular day, this is actually a very strong one that we can actually feel the effects seven days prior and seven days after the full Moon occurs. The energy can be stirred up with this powerful blue Moon. You may be feeling a more intense amount of emotions. That is going back-and-forth with bringing back old reminiscing memories and trying to analyze a previous or current love situation. This will only open deep cores and intensify them to the point where it is brought back all over again. It will force you to re-examine everything and feel the same hurt if not more of why things happen the way they did, especially when it comes to a previous love or romantic relationship. The blue full Moon creates a shift spiritually. It also causes a magnetic energy shift to a higher level coming into our dimension. Creating an ascension that will bring their twin flame connections to their soul center will open recognition for the union. Not that everyone is going to come together in union. Part of the process of them clearing out past wounds, negativity and allowing themselves ascend to their higher self. This is a very powerful month of May because there will be another full Moon happening this month. We automatically become more sensitive, empathic, intuitive, psychic and powered spiritually. The blue full Moon in Scorpio will push you out of your comfort zone. You can magnetically draw people towards you along with repelling and rejecting anyone or anything that may not serve a purpose for your highest good. It’s all about finding your true center and grounding yourself to your inner truth. Many of us have been extremely anxious and nervous these past few weeks. There’s a lot happening all around us energetically, we can feel it much higher this month than ever. Scorpio's energy can be very intense (I am also a Scorpio), this is the time that will bring out extreme energy and intense passion for love relationships. There could be a very high level of love and the next second, it can create irritability. Being aware helps calm the energy down and not allowing it to dominate you. A full Moon in Scorpio can trigger off and push certain buttons and for some of us, it’s the ideal time to meditate. Psychic readings can be amazingly accurate during this time. Reiki treatments and crystal healings can also be heightened during the full Moon. This is an excellent time to charge your crystals in the moonlight and also sunlight, even if it is a cloudy day. The sun is still behind the clouds. This is the best time to connect with your higher self and set out positive intentions for the next chapter of your life. The blue full Moon in Scorpio is an excellent time to prepare yourself by focusing on your soul center and healing. Coming to alignment with your higher self; it is highly recommended to meditate focusing on love and positivity.

Is this my Soulmate, Karmic, Twin ray or Twin flame?

A very common question that I have been asked numerous times.
There are more than one from the Soul Connection Collective. That has been confusing people more than ever, trying to find out which one is better and which one can they find to make their life complete.

I’m going to explain a little bit more on how to define Soulmates and Twin flames and also what they represent.

First of all, it is never advisable to go looking for a specific type. We are all brought into this world pre-destined to meet more than one Soulmate. But have only one Twin flame.

Not everybody is going to meet the same type of Soulmate, their Twin flame in every lifetime. Everyone is meant to be put together with their divine partner, whoever that may be. It just may very well be your Twin flame or another type of soulmate.

Although all Soulmates can mimic the same type of intense energy felt as with the Twin flame, you can still find contentment and happiness with living with your Soulmate.

But when you do meet you Twin, there will be no other that can ever come close to the intensity of energy you feel internally.

Twin flame or soulmate? I’ve been asked this question numerous times and by many people. As I’ve mentioned in many of my articles and videos, twin flames are actually part of the soul connection collective and not all will meet a specific type. We do have more than one Soulmate. Soulmates comes into a person’s life to help them grow and many times to teach them a valuable lesson and vice versa. This can be a deep emotional relationship or someone who is just a friend. Twin flames hold a very strong spiritual attachment to your very Soul. How to know if it’s your Twin flame? When you meet your twin, it is just like looking into a mirror and many times it feels as if you were awakening to something that you’ve never experienced. When the reflection comes back at you, it can release a powerful surge that many times will create a fear. Although your twin may not feel the awakening at the same time, he or she is definitely picking up a higher vibration. Twin flames life’s can make a 360 degrees change. That can move towards a very beautiful path of self exploring a total bliss. Twin flames also have some work to do on themselves simultaneously in order to get to the higher stages with spirituality and also the physical union. This relationship is by far very different, extremely deep and with a powerful energy that you will ever encounter. Both twins are evolving and merging, also commonly referred to waking up. When meeting your twin flame, you will also notice there are many signs that come up. The most common or 1111 coming up on clocks, license plates, phones and etc. There are also other numbers that signify the connection but these are the confirmation for twin flame numbers. If you’re awake and aware, you do understand that your inner spirit needs to have some work done, in order to prepare for the divine union. Twin flame relationships are not necessarily the most harmonious because of the negativity they go through. Twin flames go through chaos and their relationship can seem toxic before they do come into a divine union. Accompanied by a short or long separation, there is many spurts of purging, cleansing and clearing of the chakra system. It’s not easy for twin flames. Release and surrendering all that does not serve a purpose in yours and your twins life. The biggest sign when twins are coming into an union is the energy that can feel together. Even if they are apart, they still will feel one another’s energy vibration amplified to a higher 5D level. Twin flame‘s send each other energy that many times can be interpreted into telepathic messages when they are aware and awake. When meeting your twin flame, your whole life changes and you begin a more spiritual path. Understanding that they are your mirror and everything has not been yet healed in yours and their lives. They are actually meant to show your entire life and how it changes right around. This energy that you both share is magnetic. Everyone around you both can feel it. And together, you both become a super power couple! Does everybody meet their twin flame in this lifetime? Actually, not everyone will be their twin flame. This is not a sure thing, and there is also healing that needs to be done for yourself separately. You can skip a lifetime, sometimes two, before you can meet your twin flame. Once you do meet your twin, you will know and without not question that it is indeed your true twin flame. If it does skip a lifetime, can I be happy with a Soulmate? Absolutely! Meeting a divine partner is not necessarily meaning that it has to be a twin flame connection. Actually, there are other types that are just as strong and intense that mimic the exact energies of twin flames. Feeling the extreme emotional surges that come along with twin flames which can be confused many times with twin flames. The differences with soulmates and twin flames is that there is less drama and emotional purging. Where you meet your twin flame, it can feel as if your heart is being tested and emotionally challenged. There are many different types of Divine soulmates and though we all will meet different ones at various times of our lives, it’s never good to search and seek for a specific type because it seems like a good fit in your life. The truth is that we need to get involved with different relationships and meet different people in order to find our Divine partner. Even if it is a temporary soul connection or someone just passing through in your life, it is all part of love and searching for someone that complements your energy and Life. Your vibration will help you find your Divine soulmate/partner. Yes, meeting your twin flame in your life will change forever. It will challenge the soul to grow at the same time, expanding into the highest potential couple, in order to fulfill your soul mission to their true purpose on this earth, alongside each other. The important thing is stop searching, but work on yourself, if you are looking for your Divine soulmate, you will find her/him. You will not find them by searching but they will unite with you through love; it’s all about loving yourself and learning to find your inner peace.

The Twin flame is actually a term to describe your other half. This person is your soul mirror.

That will energetically align with your mind, heart, and body.
Twin flames are brought to us to awaken our souls center. Revealing to us who we truly are. Many times it’s very difficult for people to face who they truly are that they are not ready to come to a Union.

This will create a Runner & Chaser stage. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, Twin flames are meant to work on themselves simultaneously to find what it is they need to correct and release.

If they are not ready, it will take longer than normal in order to get past their issues. In many cases years.

The twin flame Divine union process. The union process with both twin flames and soulmates can be the most difficult and an extremely painful time that one will ever experience. I have wrote several articles about this topic and how to overcome these obstacles and get through this difficult process. But it still seems to be more of a mystery of why everyone’s situation is not the same and actually they are all unique, but everyone has experienced the same symptoms of negativity and chaos prior to being reunited. Soulmates and twin flames go through the same phases, trying to understand why they must go through these challenges and agony before they are re-united as one. There’s a twin flame separation period that they all must find balance and work through their own issues before they can come together in union. They must face who they truly are and release all but does not serve a purpose in their lives. At first when they find each other, it is the most beautiful blissful feeling one can ever feel. This is commonly referred to the honeymoon stage with the twin flame energy dance. Looking deep into your twin flame’s soul, you will find a mirror to your own soul. All of a sudden, it will unveil every fear and doubt that you have ever had.. deep inside. You will automatically uncover and open up past energies. This is a push & pull energy dynamic with twin flames, and this is not one-sided, actually they’re both feeling the exact energy, one may be the strongest, best fitted to carry the other one who can’t face his fears. This instantly triggers the twin flame Runner and Chaser stages. One twin is running deep from their own emotional feelings and purging negativity; this is what they don’t understand. While the other twin is chasing, trying to understand why they are running and where they stand with their twin. Automatically when your twin flame is running, it will trigger off many deep and dark emotional energies. During this time, you’ll feel as if your life has turned 360 degrees and it will never be the same. In order to get through this painful phase, it is best that you work on yourself and let go of any emotional and past baggage that is inhibiting you from moving forward. You may feel that they are getting the best out of the situation because they are running and you are left alone, but actually they are the lost twin with nowhere to run. Twin flame runners are actually feeling the exact if not more pain emotionally. They’re afraid to deal with it and are in total denial. Many times, they may even be with other people for the sake of not finding their own inner truth. Your twin flame is the exact mirror of your spirit. What you see on the outside is actually a reflection of things that you need to work within yourself. Also vice versa, that’s the time to let go of the way you felt about things and believed in your past with love relationships. Twin flames can go through an obsessive behavior during the separation face. Many times, while trying to nudge (calls, text, emails or even social media posting), their twin flame understand what they are feeling and they learn not to be afraid of them. When it isn’t you that they are afraid of, the Runner is actually afraid of themselves. It’s all about working on yourself to achieve a spiritual balance in order for the divine union to manifest. Twin flames can threw it much easier when they are more in tuned with spirituality. This can help speed the awakening of their soul center and help along the process with divine union. Meditation helps with channeling your energy alongside theirs and twin flames can also telepathically communicate when they are ready. It may not be very easily done at first. But you must focus on deep soul-searching and understand yourself spiritually before they are able to have heart to heart message meditations. In many cases, it can last for several years and not to scare you but this is all about learning how to love yourself and many times we think we love ourselves but we are actually neglecting ourselves. Twin flames need to find themselves and learn how to love themselves unconditionally. Letting go, in clear, in your issues to overcome all of your fears in order to reach a higher frequency like the 5D level with your twin. You must come first in perfect harmony with your twin in order to fulfill your soul mission that you were meant to have on this earth. It’s not all about living a normal happy life, yes but there is also so much more that they can give to humanity working as a couple. The twin flame divine union is finding the true balance and understanding who you are. This can only happen after the baggage has been cleared and when you both can emerge as one. Twin flames go through many trials and tests and they are both negative and positive. The main reason why they are brought into this world is that they do have a soul mission to perfect together as one.

Twin Ray is another form of a spiritual connection.

Although it is not as popular on the internet as Twin flames, but equally as intense. This type of connection can enter in a person’s life without expecting, and usually when the Twin twin flame is no longer on earth or will not be ready for decades.

Many call this the true twin, especially when they are still working on themselves. Many people describe it as “an Angel just entered my life when I was down and now I can see”.

Compatible Soulmates can be just as fulfilling emotionally as the Twin Flame.

Soulmates can supplement our lives helping us to realize our mistakes and start over again. They usually share a very compatible energy that helps seal any emotional upset internally.

Karmic connections.
These types of relationships are to help balance what is necessary inside of us internally. The karmic ties may sometimes be the most difficult and painful one to deal with. But can also mimic the intensity with Twin flames.

Many times, a Karmic is sent to us to correct something in our lives from a previous life experience that we have not released or heal from. This can also happen to your divine partner as well.

Karmic connections are not all negative, they are there to help us grow and realize more about ourselves and what we need to release in order to evolve spiritually.

A narcissist is a very common behavior and pattern when it comes to Twin flames and even Soulmates. When it comes to Twin flames, they can sometimes come off to be narcissists. Many times during the Union process, there’s an energy of narcissism and codependent energy that flares up, very common with Runners & Chasers. This is part of a process with healing and to show us who we are and we need to work on ourselves and release past wounds. You may ask yourself is my Twin flame a narcissist? Or am I just codependent? I’ve been asked many times if their Twin is, in fact, a narcissist. When things are not going their way in a relationship, if it is indeed a Twin or a Divine Soulmate. People seem to want to label it Narcissist, Karmic or false Twin. Mainly because that person is not responding and not working on himself or herself to come into a union. Often running and blocking their union with denial. This is all to help teach you what you need to learn and they to need to work on themselves at the same time. If this person is abusive, as I’ve always said before, it’s never good to hold on to something that is hurting you. This is not a healthy relationship no matter what connection they share, they truly are not ready for a relationship. Many times we go through our life lessons alongside our Twin. When the narcissist behavior pattern begins, it is often to help us take a better look at ourselves as we look in the mirror of how we need to love ourselves. You may want to disconnect and cut off ties, but this only makes things worse because of the deep soul bond that you both share; it is impossible to try to cut off from your divine Soulmate or Ttwin flame. A true narcissist will not have love in their heart, will never express it or show love for anyone else. A narcissist will be self-involved, extremely egotistical and selfish. They hold onto a mask and show that they know everything, this is also called the God complex. Often our Twin is running from themselves so they will block the emotional energy instead of trying to deal with it. They have insecurities and afraid to awaken, putting blocks up constantly from opening their hearts and using extreme amounts of ego to protect themselves from getting hurt. Those are inner issues that they need to open your eyes to, and finally, heal from whatever is troubling them. This will create a narcissist energy behavior. Not a true narcissist! The Twin flame energy finding themselves in a codependent behavior is often reflected in the narcissistic behavior as well. This is a mirror back to one another from their own emotional past wounds that need to be released, surrendered and healed from. The bottom line is that true Twin flames are not narcissist or codependent. These are a behavior pattern that clears up with their own inner work that needs to be cleared. As soon as their ego kicks in, connecting into the 3-D realm until they are ready. When their vibration frequency is very low, they can reflect a narcissist personality and energy, along with being codependence. Focusing on loving yourself and avoiding anything that may bring your vibration spiraling down. The first step is always to love yourself!

Soulmates and Twin flames are all equal when it comes to relationship.

Although we’re not always ready and we all have to work on ourselves to get there. Meeting your Soulmate or Karmic before meeting your Twin is not a bad thing. Many times we have to go through life lessons to find our higher self.

Sometimes we find ourselves in the same pattern of a relationship, repeating itself and never finding true love.

This is because you are continuously finding the same type of energy into the relationship to help correct and balance your soul center. Preparing you to meet your divine partner.

When preparing to meet your divine partner, it could involve bringing out the darkness inside of you, but you may have not realized that it existed. This was all to purge away a toxic accumulation of energy, in order to purify your souls center and align your spirit to be with your divine partner.

When you find that person that gives you butterflies and total bliss when you meet, don’t try to analyze or define what type of Soul Connection it is.

You will be much more content with the experience of meeting different people and learning more about yourself than you’ve ever realized.

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