About Ann


Psychic Ann Elizabeth

I’m a Scorpio, the mystical and spiritual sign in astrology.

I’ve always been interest in the paranormal and spirituality, and felt I had the gift when I was around 10. I could feel energy of everyone around me and able to see events right before they happened.

I knew I had the gift of clairvoyance (psychic ability),  My mom always helped and allowed me to explore it deeper, developing my gifts. I’m a third-generation psychic.

My psychic gifts and abilities consists of angelic energy and spirit guides sending messages to me for the most in depth reading focusing on Psychic energy, Soulmate, and Twin flame.

A Psychic, Soulmate or Twin Flame reading session with me will help you with your situation and see more clearly, I pick up the visions of the circumstances that are involved and about to happen also how to avoid obstacles you may encounter on your path.

With my psychic Gifts and Spiritual abilities I do feel spiritual energy and read at a faster pace, this is to hear the messages coming in from the spirit guides, and then translating them to you in your Psychic reading.

Keep in mind time frames no one can be 100% accurate, I don’t give them because of free will and the power to choose and make our decisions within our lives.

We meet people with no explanations, but when you meet someone that has some type of life lesson, It’s a good time to understand if you actually share a soulmate connection.

With my Psychic abilities and soul coaching, I will help you  to understand your situation better and uncover the meaning with your current or previous relationship. There may be something coming into your life that is better.

With my soul coaching guidance, I will not sugar coat and tell you the truth, if it’s time to walk away from your relationship or if there is more in the future.
Helping you to get answers and find your path with your Soulmate / Twin Flame relationship.

My psychic abilities and Soul coaching specialties include:

  1. clairvoyant
  2. Love relationships
  3. Soulmates
  4. Twin Flame connections
  5. Past life energy
  6. Meditations
  7. remote viewing
  8. Aura energy Balancing
  9. Chakra energy cleansing
  10. Metaphysics

Please note that I am a spiritualist, soul coach, Psychic, soulmate and twin flame specialist. Any questions with health, financial, legal are not my specialties. This is best to consult a professional in those fields about any of these questions. Read my disclaimer to understand before receiving any of my readings, or services.

Please be advise you need to have an open mind before your psychic soulmate reading session. The truth may not what you want to hear. I read and feel the spiritual psychic energy, when I receive the messages, I will tell you exactly what my guides give me (nothing held back) and the best path to manifest abundance, while avoiding obstacles.

I’m NOT responsible for any events that may occur. I am human like you, and will only guide you spiritually. I will now make the decision for you. You to make your choices.

I am a gifted psychic, Angel and Tarot card master and soul coach. I’ve devoted my whole entire life to help others with my psychic gifts. If I pick up negative energy, I will try my best to help you, with a compassionate of delivering the messages to you..

I don’t discriminate against any one or their situation in life. We are all equal, I feel we are all as one and everyone searching for the higher level s one. I’m open to the public.

I went through many challenges experiencing chaotic situation in my life, you can about my story and how I combated struggles, got through and connected with my Twin flame.

I’m available for online Reading including Phone, chat, text and email readings.

To Book your reading click here

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