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Please read all instructions prior to purchasing your psychic email reading:

After payment has been submitted for your reading. You need to come back to this page, PayPal will not redirect you. 

Choose the Email reading that best fits your needs for your questions. All Psychic and Soulmate Readings include Tarot/oracle cards, Crystals & clairvoyance.

After you’ve paid for your psychic reading through PayPal, please fill in the submission form below with the required information to complete your Psychic Email Reading .
Your  psychic reading will be sent within that 48 hours or sooner.


The submission form gets higher priority than email with your information, doing so will cause a delay and may get lost.

If you are having issues with this site with booking your reading. Please visit my other site

1. Psychic Express  Reading- $12.50

2 card spread (1 one question)

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2. Mini Psychic Oracle Reading – $30.00

3 card oracle spread  (Up to 3 questions)

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3. Psychic Tarot Reading $40.00

4 card spread (up to 4 questions)

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4. Psychic Oracle Reading $60.00

8 card spread (up to 6 questions)

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5. Soulmate Oracle love Reading $80.00

10 card spread (Up to 8 questions)

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6. Spiritual Energy & Love Reading – $90

Tarot 12 card spread & spiritual channeling (Up to 10 questions).

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7. Soulmate Relationship and Psychic Energy – $125.00 

Energy Aura reading on Soulmates, Twinflames. Using the Angel Tarot and oracle cards to get messages with your current situation and determining the outcome of the situation.  determining the type of Soulmate connection.  Oracle, Tarot and Angel cards 14 cards, Crystals, Energy aura and Clairvoyance (Up to 13 questions).

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8. Complete Soulmate and Twinflame – $150.00 

Most in-depth accurate reading on Soul mates and Twinflame. Channeling through to Spirit Guides, determining the type of Soulmate connection and the outcome of your relationship. (Please Include Photos if available)  Tarot 16 card spread, Crystals, Energy aura, Astrology & Clairvoyance (Up to 16 questions).

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Please fill in the submission form below  with required information information .

Fill this form after you have submitted payment your reading through PayPal only.

If this Form isn’t working please use our alternative form

Please let me know if this is your first reading, This will help me give you a much more detailed reading about your relationship and situation of the future outcome.

Phone and Chat readings also available – Click here

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