Soulmates & Twinflames

Twin flames & Soulmates: Spiritual Purpose & Dynamics

Divine counterparts including Twin flames and Soulmates.

There are many questions about divine counterparts and their true purpose together.

Twin flames are set aside from all other Soulmates but still part of the Soul Connection Collective.
Soulmates, we have more than one that serves a divine purpose in our lives. With Twin flames (also Twin Rays), there is only one.

Twin flames intensely feel dynamic energy that continues to compel them together as soon as their eyes meet. This is a very strong magnetic force that cannot be cut off. This will be a feeling that you have never experienced with anyone else.

All those Soulmates can mimic this intensity, all have a different purpose to share in your life.
There is overwhelming energy they feel with each other, including fear, many times inducing the Runner and Chaser stages.

Twin flame union.

Yes, this is a very powerful intense feeling they get with each other and they can also help us bring out and learn about ourselves like no other person can do. 

Many times the ego creates a painful push and pull surge of energy, which may be very difficult for them to remain together as a couple, resulting in a very sometimes long and painful separation.

Many times it can go on for several months and even many years. When there is fear-based energy involved, old wounds wake up and creating a strong energy ripple effect.

Forcing them both to come out of their comfort zone and work on themselves by releasing and surrendering energies to reach a higher energy field and frequency with one another, calling this the 5D level.
Twin flame process.
Twin flames are brought together as they work on themselves and perfect their union. When there is ego involved, it may not be a very smooth transition for the union. 

What is the purpose of twin flames?

You would think that twin flames are the ultimate love connection out of their divine counterparts. Yes, it can be a very deep intense feeling but there’s more beyond that, as they need to work on themselves. 
They are also working for the greater good with each other, simultaneously, even when they are far apart. 
There’s always something they need to do in order to find peace within themselves and come together as one when they are both ready.

Twin flames need to be authentic.

Twin flames can’t live with one another if there’s a hindrance or a distraction, causing sometimes a third party involved somewhere in their relationship, preventing any type of peaceful union with one another. Everyone’s situation is unique and very different from each other.
They need to be clear from any past emotional romantic conflict. Releasing and letting go is the key for Twin flames to find peace with each other.

Separation phase.

You may ask “why must we go through a separation phase when we are meant to be together”?
The answer is simple when one is running from something that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to them, the energy ignites and they are not settled spiritually.

This is part of their healing with surrendering negativities and keeping them in solitude so they can realize their inner strength and opening their hearts together, while both the Runner and Chaser feel the exact energy when it comes to the pain and while in separation, as they try to find themselves.

Ego prevents divine union

The Ego can actually prolong Twin flames from gaining strength with a higher purpose as they try to connect and serve others. 
During the beginning stages, both twins will go through many tests and challenges as they release egotistical power inside themselves.

Full blue moon on Halloween. On 10/31/2020, there will be a very rare full blue moon. The last one was 76 years ago. It will bring intense energy with transformations. Embrace opportunities for divine counterparts, this includes Soulmate, Twin flames in all spiritual connections. This moon is very intense and will have a very big impact on all love relationships. This powerful full moon targets Soulmates and Twin flames. It’s best to be grounded during this full blue hunter moon. The energies will be heightened and amplified. No matter what you’re going through, it will automatically stir up energies with emotions. As with all full moons, it will be in the sign of Taurus which represents love and marriage. Combination of mercury retrograde. It can create crosswords, misunderstandings, and disagreements with lovers and loved ones. Full moons are very powerful when it comes to love. Being aware of a full moon along with mercury retrograde is important. The key is to have a direct positive intention with love. As it’s coming to an end and starting over, the full moon in Taurus represents opportunities and emotional growth for love. This can intensify emotions for Soulmates, Twin flames, and all spiritual connections. Just being aware not to put too much emotional energy that can overwhelm you. This is also a very spiritual time for many, being that it is on Halloween night. This is an excellent time to develop your spiritual abilities. Charging your crystals, getting Crystal and Reiki healing, along with giving or getting a psychic reading. The full moon can bring intensity with feelings and many times anxiety if there is separation. Feelings are reciprocated with others who are empathic and extremely sensitive. Twin flames can feel their partner during this time, much stronger than other times. This is the main reason why there are many different types of full moon rituals and meditations. This is an excellent time for meditation with telepathically communicating with your divine partner. Be very careful with bringing up sensitive topics with your partner. Being in mercury retrograde, it can also wake up old past wounds that have not been completely healed. It’s advised that you wait until after the retrograde which ends on November 3rd. Spiritual energies are felt at a higher 5D frequency This is a time to focus on self-care during the full moon, having love in your heart with gratitude for your blessings. Taking a break from stress and worry can be a struggle, but full moons are the perfect time to let go and release anything that no longer serves a purpose. Meditations are highly recommended during a full moon. Self-care Eating clean and limiting processed foods in your diet is important, but also staying hydrated during the full moon. This is a time to start a body cleanse regimen with fruits and vegetables with clean eating. The full moon can activate positive energy and transformation in your spirit. It’s a good time to write down ideas and plans you have for 2021 during a full moon.

Divine Counterparts share a deep bond.

The separation can go on for some time until they are ready to finally surrender. 
They struggle harmoniously towards one another and work on each other simultaneously. Twin flames have more than just a romantic connection but a higher calling as a need to serve the greater good.

You may ask what is that? Since each Twin flame connection is sacred and unique, no two are alike. You will find out once you have cleared blockages and worked on yourself. 
Twin flames telepathically communicate.

As they both can reciprocate messages in love and reassurance is that they are coming together. This may not be heard in a physical voice tone. But the energetics feeling of knowing the presents is right next to you. 
But they must first find their true authentic self before they can communicate. This can be done through meditation.
Twin flames are not meant to feel pain, but it all depends on what they’ve experienced in your lives prior to the meeting. 

Working on themselves to make the union happen is the key.

There are many twin flame emotional energies that need to be released and ignite together. 
Twin flames need to open their hearts and accept who they are and what they need to do in their lives.

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