Soulmates & Twinflames

Full Blue Moon Bringing Intense Energy To Twin Flame/Soulmates

Full blue moon on Halloween.

Full moon on 10/31/2020.

This will be a very rare full blue moon. The last one was 76 years ago.

It will bring intense energy with transformations. Embrace opportunities for divine counterparts, this includes Soulmate, Twin flames in all spiritual connections. This moon is very intense and will have a very big impact on all love relationships.

This powerful full moon targets Soulmates and Twin flames.

It’s best to be grounded during this full blue hunter moon. The energies will be heightened and amplified.

No matter what you’re going through, it will automatically stir up energies with emotions. As with all full moons, it will be in the sign of Taurus which represents love and marriage.

Combination of mercury retrograde.

It can create crosswords, misunderstandings, and disagreements with lovers and loved ones. Full moons are very powerful when it comes to love.

Being aware of a full moon along with mercury retrograde is important. The key is to have a direct positive intention with love. As it’s coming to an end and starting over, the full moon in Taurus represents opportunities and emotional growth for love.

This can intensify emotions for Soulmates, Twin flames, and all spiritual connections.

Just being aware not to put too much emotional energy that can overwhelm you.

This is also a very spiritual time for many, being that it is on Halloween night.

This is an excellent time to develop your spiritual abilities.

Charging your crystals, getting Crystal and Reiki healing, along with giving or getting a psychic reading. The full moon can bring intensity with feelings and many times anxiety if there is separation.

Feelings are reciprocated with others who are empathic and extremely sensitive. Twin flames can feel their partner during this time, much stronger than other times. This is the main reason why there are many different types of full moon rituals and meditations.

This is an excellent time for meditation with telepathically communicating with your divine partner. Be very careful with bringing up sensitive topics with your partner. Being in mercury retrograde, it can also wake up old past wounds that have not been completely healed. It’s advised that you wait until after the retrograde which ends on November 3rd.

Spiritual energies are felt at a higher 5D frequency

This is a time to focus on self-care during the full moon, having love in your heart with gratitude for your blessings.

Taking a break from stress and worry can be a struggle, but full moons are the perfect time to let go and release anything that no longer serves a purpose. Meditations are highly recommended during a full moon.

There are many different signs that happen before the union for Soulmates and Twin flames (divine counterparts). Not all are meant to be long-term love relationships. There are many that are just sent to you prior to meeting your divine partner. They can be in relationships and it may even take years before your divine counterpart enters your life. When you first meet, there’s a major impact between two souls. You can share deep spiritual connections with different people. But however, Twin flames usually make the deepest imprint in your soul. You may ask what is the difference between divine counterparts: Twin flames or a Soulmate? Twin flame connections are in the Soulmate connection collective, but you only have one, which makes it very unique and most people sought out to find. Twin flames or one soul split into two prior to coordinating in this world. Twin flames both share in the masculine and feminine energies of one spirit. It has nothing to do with the gender of the person. Twin flames and challenges. This is a very sensitive subject and a very difficult process with separation. Twin flames can come together in a divine union when they are both ready. The ascension process happens with uniting with your divine partner spiritually. And many times they can be the opposite of you but in so many ways just like you. Signs to look for when meeting your twin. There is a very compelling energy towards a person that you have never felt before. They can finish one another’s sentences before the other finishes what they are about to say. The communication can be very flowing at the very beginning. But as they realize where they are at, this extreme energy can cause them to feel the intensity that they may not understand. You will experience a very intense sexual energy attraction like no other. They’re constantly on your mind even if it’s been months since you’ve seen one another. You may feel a "déjà vu" feeling when you meet your divine counterpart. As if you’ve known them all your life but can’t pinpoint how you actually know them. They mirror your soul. You both have very similar experiences and pasts that it feels as if you are looking into a mirror. Sharing an intense magnetic pulling energy. This is something you cannot fight or resist but many times it can also create a Runner & Chaser phase and as it goes on, it can create fear, because they are looking into a mirror inside their soul through you. Telepathic communication happens with Twin flames as they can feel the energy with one another as it is reciprocated, back and forth to each other. Seeing numbers all over the place. For example 1111, 2222, 444 and etc. These are signs preparing you and awakening is about to happen. There is an unconditional love that you both feel for one another that will never fade or change. Actually, their love becomes even stronger even if they are apart. Separation is usually necessary prior to divine union. There is many times turmoil and chaos as they need to purge and release negativity. But as they start to work on themselves simultaneously, Twin flames will find total bliss with one another when they are both completely opened and ready. As the awakening happens, there’s a transformation that is released and they are in true balance with one another. They become the ultimate power couple. Many times they work together in service for the greater good. Everybody has a different soul mission. Soulmates can also mimic Twin flames and have the same type of intensity. It’s never good to go searching for a specific divine counterpart but knowing that each person entered in your life has a purpose.


Eating clean and limiting processed foods in your diet is important, but also staying hydrated during the full moon. This is a time to start a body cleanse regimen with fruits and vegetables with clean eating.

The full moon can activate positive energy and transformation in your spirit. It’s a good time to write down ideas and plans you have for 2021 during a full moon.

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