Soulmates & Twinflames

Twin flames separation: is the Union near?

There are many different signs that happen before the union for Soulmates and Twin flames (divine counterparts). Not all are meant to be long-term love relationships.

Summer Solstice is a celebration on the first day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere on June 20, 2020. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is the first day of Winter Solstice. These two seasons are the total opposite of each other, yet both can bring the same spiritual intensity when it comes to love. For the Summer, it is the longest day of the year and also the shortest night. We celebrate the light, as the Sun starts to slowly decrease declining to the dark. With Winter it does the total opposite as we slowly start welcoming in a new Sun with the beginning of the light. Both Solstices ignite the power of energy and strengthening all relationships. Especially when it comes to divine counterparts (Soulmates and Twin flames). In the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice brings in celebration of events and June is the month of love ceremonies and weddings. This energy empowers the light as it automatically ignites spiritual Soul connections. As it represents a beautiful golden ball of love and light that brings in peace and harmony with love relationships. During the Summer, the Sun is the strongest and it is a time filled with beautiful ray of light, bringing intense energy for Soulmates and Twin flames. In Winter, the Sun begins to start all over again working itself up to a fresh start and a new beginning empowering Soulmates and Twin flames. During both Summer and Winter Solstice is, the energy manifests what your heart desires. It’s highly recommended to sit out your intentions and plans for the future when it comes to love. It is an excellent time to recharge and cleanse your crystals. It’s also the best time to get a psychic or spiritual reading session, healings with reiki, crystals, and meditations which are intensified during this time also. This is a major cosmic gateway opening for both Summer and Winter Solstice is as the energy is powerful. Divine counterparts (Soulmates, Twin rays, Twin flames) are starting all over again with a new cycle as they manifest to a higher frequency during a Solstice. Keep in mind because they are similar, they can also trigger deeper energy internally that may need to be released. Surrendering negative ego and releasing internal conflict. Summer and Winter solstice are both celebrations with the Sun. Winter is a rebirth of light as Summer is letting go and winding down slowly to start over again. June is a time for celebrating memorable events with family and friends. It is very important to keep your vibration uplifted, especially during this time with everything that has happened in 2020. The Solstices also represent shadow work. A whole new beginning is awaiting during the Solstice. It takes full power, strength, and courage for divine union.. Many have inner work that needs to be completed. As they are slowly opening up and letting go, divine counterparts will start showing their true authenticity as they rise up to a higher frequency with one another. This is a time for forgiveness and facing any remaining shadows of insecurity, unworthiness, abandonment issues, hurt, anger, and self-doubt. This is a time to rise up during the Solstice, you will feel empowered. With the Winter and Summer Solstice, it can trigger sensations throughout your whole body. As you feel more in your pressure points and different parts of your body, there is a powerful awakening happening inside you. As this deeper level of consciousness, your higher self is preparing you for the rebirth of the new Sun in Winter Solstice and in the Summer Solstice. We hit the peak of the Sun, then we slowly wind down with releasing and surrendering. Summer/Winter and Solstice are a transition time with the change of climates. They both are equal and exciting. They both teach us to release/surrender and to start over again for something new. It’s an extreme time for taking care of you with self-care and letting go of any negative thoughts or feelings you may still be holding onto. The Summer and Winter Solstice energy is set to bring back the strength and power inside your Soul with your divine counterpart. It’s important to be active for both Solstices. Circulating for physical body energies will help you purge away toxins and any negativity that they’ve been accumulated previously. When your body is healthy and clear, you’ll automatically ignite a beautiful powerful light all around you. Summer and Winter Solstice is an excellent time for reunions with divine partners (Soulmates and Twin flames). It's an excellent time to meet someone new if you are single. Even if we are limited to certain events, we have a virtual world that makes it easier to meet someone. As many of you may or may not know I met my Twin flame in 2001 in a video chat room, he was in Paris France and I am in Cleveland Ohio. So you never know what the power of the Internet can do for you! There are many different types of spiritual celebrations during the Solstice. It’s ideal to meditate and reflect on your future plans. It’s also a very good time to get a tarot or oracle card reading. As I mentioned earlier, the energies are much more heightened during both Winter and Summer Solstice is. The most important thing is to celebrate, loving and honoring yourself!

We have many that are just sent to you prior to meeting your divine partner. They can be in relationships and it may even take years before your divine counterpart enters your life.

When you first meet, there’s a major impact between two souls. You can share deep spiritual connections with different people. But however, Twin flames usually make the deepest imprint in your soul.

You may ask what is the difference between divine counterparts: Twin flames or a Soulmate?

Twin flame connections are in the Soulmate connection collective, but you only have one, which makes it very unique and most people sought out to find
Twin flames or one soul split into two prior to coordinating in this world. Twin flames both share in the masculine and feminine energies of one spirit. It has nothing to do with the gender of the person.Twin flames and challenges.
This is a very sensitive subject and a very difficult process with separation.

Twin flames can come together in a divine union when they are both ready. The ascension process happens with uniting with your divine partner spiritually. And many times they can be the opposite of you but in so many ways just like you

Signs to look for when meeting your twin.

  1. There is a very compelling energy towards a person that you have never felt before.
    They can finish one another’s sentences before the other finishes what they are about to say.

2. The communication can be very flowing at the very beginning. But as they realize where they are at, this extreme energy can cause them to feel the intensity that they may not understand.

3. You will experience a very intense sexual energy attraction like no other.
They’re constantly on your mind even if it’s been months since you’ve seen one another.

4. You may feel a “déjà vu” feeling when you meet your divine counterpart. As if you’ve known them all your life but can’t pinpoint how you actually know them.

5. They mirror your soul. You both have very similar experiences and pasts that it feels as if you are looking into a mirror.

6. Sharing an intense magnetic pulling energy. This is something you cannot fight or resist but many times it can also create a Runner & Chaser phase and as it goes on, it can create fear, because they are looking into a mirror inside their soul through you.Telepathic communication happens with Twin flames as they can feel the energy with one another as it is reciprocated, back and forth to each other.

7. Seeing numbers all over the place. For example 1111, 2222, 444 and etc. These are signs preparing you and awakening is about to happen. There is an unconditional love that you both feel for one another that will never fade or change. 

Separation stages When Twin flames are in separation, it is a very painful and intense process. It is a spiritual connection that is unique and different from all other breakups/separation. Twin flames go through many different stages. One is the healing and grounding stage, which is very necessary in order to come to divine union. Along with healing, there is the Runner & Chaser stages that sometimes can be unbearable and feel like it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life. Why is the separation necessary? During the Runner & Chaser stages in divine counterparts, it is part of the healing process in order to eliminate and find balance within themselves. This is an experience they both feel simultaneously as they heal one another. This will feel as if a part of you has been ripped away and cannot be replaced. This is the process to release energies from the old you and emerge into divine union with your Twin flame. Then Twin flames first meet, they are actually looking at the windows of their souls, in one another’s eyes. This is a very magical intense moment for both Twins. A magnetic pole is also been felt pulling them to one another. One Twin may not be ready and begin to run as they need to heal separately from their divine counterpart. Emotional withdrawal The Chaser can feel the emotions as if they are going through withdrawal. They feel as if they did something to cause this matter.. the Chaser stages. But actually, it has nothing to do with them as the Runner runs from themselves as they awaken. Being your authentic self helps understand what is necessary to heal and release old past wounds. There are different stages with coming into divine union for Soulmates and Twin flames. Although separation is not always necessary and when together, both Twins are trying to get along and heal. There may be a difficulty for them seeing eye to eye. This is why it is an extreme relationship when Twin flames are together and they must be ready in order to live in harmony. Twin flames if they are not ready will experience dramas and sometimes very toxic energy. This can also bring out a narcissist behavior in the Runner. Ego is the biggest culprit when it comes to Twin flames, finding unity and balance with one another. As they both are trying to understand one another and come to complete alignment, reaching the 5D level. It’s not easy but it can manifest if they are both willing to work on themselves, which makes it even more difficult for them to live in harmony. Separation can be a blessing in disguise, as they both can heal and awaken when they are ready. Divine union is about healing and awakening to their inner truth. The inner child needs to wake up. They can only become their authentic self when they are ready. Twin flame separation is not a true separation. Spiritually they are always connected. As twin flames heal, they must release and surrender all the negativity that is pulling their vibration down. As excepted, they enter in ascension together, spiritually and prior to the physical union. They will always find themselves back together, no matter how long the separation goes on for, there’s always that energy of longing for their other half. Life lessons There are life lessons that must be learned with coping with the separation process. As long as Twin flames are still on earth, there’s always a chance for the union to happen at any given moment. The healing process does take time. Twin flame power couple Twin flames have the ability to do many great things when they are in union. This is the main focus in order for healing and releasing unwanted energy that no longer serves a purpose. Remember that this is a journey that they both must do, by themselves. The work is the 24/7 process. Clearing out impurities accumulated from the previous years is important to keep your vibration moving higher and reciprocating their own energies with one another. Soulmates go through a similar process. Many of you know that we do have more than one Soulmate and it can mimic a Twin flame. We are all unique, it’s best that no one ever goes searching for the ideal divine counterpart. Some types of Soulmates may sound more appealing than others, but it’s all about what you need to do to work on yourself, to make things right so that you are able to live your fullest with your divine counterpart and manifest this healing energy. The key is to raise your vibration and let the light shine through your inner child. Do you have a question about your situation?

Actually, their love becomes even stronger even if they are apart.

Separation is usually necessary prior to divine union.There is many times turmoil and chaos as they need to purge and release negativity. But as they start to work on themselves simultaneously, Twin flames will find total bliss with one another when they are both completely opened and ready.

As the awakening happens, there’s a transformation that is released and they are in true balance with one another. They become the ultimate power couple. Many times they work together in service for the greater good. Everybody has a different soul mission.

Soulmates can also mimic Twin flames and have the same type of intensity. 
It’s never good to go searching for a specific divine counterpart but knowing that each person entered in your life has a purpose.

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