Soulmates & Twinflames

Soulmate / Twin flame: Work on Yourself to Heal and Unite


Which of the Soul connections are easier?

Actually also Connections go through almost the same type of connecting process in order to come to a divine union.
The energy of soulmates is a relationship similar to a garden. You plant the seed, nourish it and allowing it to grow by working on yourself.

When your soul first meets up. The energy goes to a higher vibration frequency that actually nourishes your soul, the way adding water is to your garden.

The key here is to love yourself and meditating on the love you’re feeling with that person. Correcting anything that needs to be eliminated out of your life. This will allow you both to manifest and blossom your energy connection deeper. Each one of us she has a unique connection with one another and no to Soulmate Connections are exactly alike. They may be similar to one another. But all are unique and the intensity varies.


Is the Soulmate and twin flame connection more honest with one another?

Honesty is the best policy, that is my philosophy on life. End it is especially so with your divine soulmate. When there is one that is in denial or running from something. They tend to block the truth that is in their heart. Thinking that this will be better for both of them. But actually it was the fear that they were running from that caused your original energy of dishonesty.

The answer is they may not want to but sometimes it does happen. It doesn’t mean that they are less connected to you. They are just convincing themselves instead of looking at the truth that’s in their heart, another reason why they run from their true authentic self.


Can soulmates and twin flames have conflict with one another?

Many say that when you have a soulmate connection it’s going to be the best experience ever! But actually this is not so, they do not have it easy when they are trying to come together as one.

Actually divine soulmates go through  heartache and negativity trying to find themselves than any other type of love relationship.

There are many different cases and types of connections, but they all share one thing in common and that’s working on themselves to find harmony and peace with themselves in order to come to a divine union.


Remember working on yourself does not happen overnight.

Any times both soul connections are not ready but the ego tells them that they are. Causing confliction and a lot of drama in their relationship.
When both need to examine and humble themselves to one another in order to get along and come to a peaceful understanding with each other.

How can two people that love each other so much, go through so much heartache and negativity with getting along and finding their true center. This is very common and I see this all the time with many different types of soulmate Connections.

In many soulmate Connections, the runner and Chase are stages happen. The Runner usually the masculine energy and being the weaker vessel running from their own fears. And the chaser the feminine being the stronger vessel.

Please note that it doesn’t matter on your gender to be a runner or a chaser. I was a runner in my twin flame connection and you can read more also watch my video on YouTube.
I also have more articles on my blog, about runner and chaser stages that you may be get a better understanding if you are involved in one.

There are negative and positive sides with every soul connection. So when there is any type of conflict actually it’s considered healthy. This makes them acknowledge their mistakes which usually comes from the ego.

This will also trigger their energy to look deeper inside themselves to find their authentic self. At the same time getting more in touch with spirituality and appreciating the little things in their lives to come to a higher vibrational 5D level.

When you meet your Soulmate or Twin flame, There can be a lot of drama at the beginning. When you meet your Twin flame there is nothing like this experience that you've ever felt before. The spiritual bond is very powerful and no one else will matter in your life. This can also have the same effect with your Soulmate. But with the Twin flame there is a magnetic pull that makes it almost impossible to resist. They can tap into the deepest part of your soul into a 5D level. It can be a little scary when you only know this person for a short time or barely know them at all. That someone can actually tune into the inner essence of your spirit. The powerful strength of soul energy with twin flames can stir up all types emotions. Many times not positive ones. When there is karmic past life energy that needs to be corrected, it can create a lot of emotional issues that needs to be cleared before they can unite in harmony. Many times these issues can be severe. When one is not aware or awake to see what they need to do, in order to clear these blockages in their life to move forward. They will try to run from the heart of the matter, by creating a confliction, referred to as the runner and chaser phase. This is only temporary there is nothing that can permanently disconnect the twin flame connection. I do explain more about the runner and chaser phase that you can read about in my previous article. You will always feel the presence of their spirit near you. Twin flames are connected through a powerful soul source, that is one soul divided in two, before you were born. Nothing can disconnect them, no matter where they're at in their life, if they are with other relationships, or other sides of the world. Twin flames will always find themselves back together. Twin flames are extreme energy connections, that is a beautiful love story or a very painful experience. This is a very powerful energy connection that's intense. Cutting or severing the ties is not an option, when there is negativity and drama involved. There is no one to manually cut off from your Twin flame. There are reasons why the both of you are going through this. You both are sent together to fulfill your destiny as one soul. Along with working on yourselves with life to find unity and balance in your selves. This happens also with Soulmate as well as twin flame connections, When there is drama the energy is off-balance. And they need to continue to get it right, many times repeating in different lifetimes. Always remember that you can do anything that you put your mind to. Getting past the energy of this drama and recognizing The truth with inside yourself. Never allowing it to overwhelm you and that you need to have self control with love in your heart. There is love inside you but the ego is always trying to take control. Soulmates and twin flames need to come to a balance partnership with a deeper understanding to each others needs. This can only happen when they have finally found their true soul mission in life, not allowing on the drama to take over, that comes that happens in every relationship. Even when they are separated, soulmates need to work on themselves by loving and having gratitude for what they have in their their life. This is when they will be able to unite and live together in harmony.

Can soulmates and twin flames share thoughts?

Absolutely! When we are connected as one, we can spiritually feel, here, and sometimes smell their scent when we are in tuned with each other’s vibrations.

Telepathic communication is very common with twin flames and they can complete each other sentences at the same time send each other messages without even trying to.
This takes time to develop but in the end they can feel one another’s thoughts energies and pick up strong vibrations from their other half.


The first step to heal and connect with your Soulmate is loving yourself. But also taking care of yourself.

Letting go of any internal thoughts that may be negative or grudges helps with finding your true center. Getting healthy and avoiding processed and fast foods.

Getting better with your food choices and illuminating anything with bad habits and maybe a time if you were smoking to quit. Or start getting into some more exercise we can all find ways to get creative with working out.

#1 I suggest walking, it requires very little effort and you can do it anywhere.
Enjoying the outdoors and loving every season, even if it is spring weather all the way into winter, you can find the beauty in every season.

The love lives inside of you and it’s time to embrace everything who you are inside and allowing the energies with your soulmate to manifest.

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