Soulmates & Twinflames

Twin Flames: Runner & Chaser Stages

Twin Flame Runner and Chaser Coming to a Perfect Union


Twin flames are also referred to as the Twin soul. It is a person that your soul is destined to be with. They are connected on different levels which include physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Soulmates, we have many, they can be anyone, it can be a friend, lover or a teacher that you feel connected to in one way or another.

It is most commonly used in the romantic sense and people want their relationships to be a Soulmate or Twin flames because they can connect with them at the passionate level. Sometimes we meet people to help us move forward and they are not spiritually connected to us.

It’s NEVER good to go looking for your soulmate. But let heart guide you to the one that calls out to you. Sometimes you are meant to be with someone who isn’t your soulmate, but only preparing you for your ultimate divine partner later.

Twin flames are a mirror to the soul mainly because people can see their reflection in the other person.

They can feel their other half deepest fears, needs etc. Regardless of the fact that twin flames can run from their own insecurities. This will turn into the Runner and Chaser Stages.

Runner and Chaser Dynamics


You heard about the Twin flames Runner and Chaser dynamics. But did you know that Soulmates can also have a runner and chaser experience too.

The Runner Chaser dynamics (as the name suggests) highlights the idea that one person i.e. the Twin flame or Soulmate Runner based on their confusion would run away from the Chaser.

So the Runner will run and the Chaser will chase the runner till the Runner and Chaser come to a divine union. Once the Runner awakes and is aware of their divine connection.

The Runner is mostly trying to run away from any sort of emotional insecurities, fear of love or commitments, past hurts and toxic previous relationships.

There are so many reasons on why they run, but through it all there is a healing that is happening between both the Runner and Chaser.

Most of the times the Runners are not even aware of the idea that why are they running away from the chaser.

Many Chasers will chase the runner thinking that the runner will get back to them. However, what they fail to realize is that no matter how many times they chase or for how long they chase.

The runner will not come back unless they are ready and unless they are given time to think. Runners are afraid, and often get scared of their own feelings. Because of their fear they live with, they tend to block their heart from the chaser as much as they can.

This leads to heartbreak for Chaser and many times the roles can become reversed. Chasers can actually become Runners, and Runners into Chasers.

I know it sounds confusing, but always remember it’s never easy for the Twin flame Runner and Chaser. They both need to work on themselves.

The Chasers should never blame themselves for the Runner running, it’s not permanent. Chaser’s need to take a step back and let the Runner work through whatever karmic issues they are dealing with. In order for the Divine union to take place.

It’s important that both Twins let go, release and surrender their past emotional hurts and start over. When the runners awake, they realize where they are at and will be drawn to come back to their other half.

What if Runners are in a bad place or with other people?


Sometimes the Runner may be within a very odd situation, place or with involved in another relationship. As painful as it may be, it’s best not to put so much of your energy in trying to change or convince the Runner to come back. Especially when you know it’s not for their highest good, or a very toxic situation.

They need to work through these issues themselves. It it best to let them continue their path and awaken when they are ready to do so. This sometimes can take many years before they are finally aware. Not everyone will experience the same situation.

When getting a psychic reading about your situation. Be advised that timeframes for twin flames are never accurate.

Sometimes the typical non Spiritual relationship is always pre-destined before you meet the “ONE” you are destined to be with.

The entire universe will conspire to help you meet your Divine Soulmate. Before that time arrives or you feel that you are connected to a person on all kinds of levels. You need to be ready and prepared to be reunited with your Divine partner.

The Chaser and the Runner will eventually come to a union when both sides will experience the same kind of energy at spiritual, physical, emotional and passionate level.

When the levels will reflect upon one another, They will combine together as one spirit. This will be a divine Soulmate relationship. Twin flames will unite with one another when both Twins are complete, ready to be with each other.

At the Beginning Divine Soulmates know they have mission and at first there is confusion and fear about their feelings. This is to perfect their lives  for the most precious and divine union of all time.


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