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Twin flames: The Emotional Roller Coaster?

Both soulmates and Twin flames go through a certain type of cycle with highs and lows in their relationship to to come together.


A very common question I’m asked all the time, “Why does it have to go through the separation phase?” Also “How to disconnect if possible from your twin flame?”

Twin flames go through many different cycles together prior to the divine union. It can be a very beautiful blessed experience or the worst feeling you have ever felt. This is not that your situation is more complicated than someone else’s.

But it’s actually the lessons that their souls go through in live and what they need to experience prior coming to a divine union.

Both soulmates and Twin flames go through a certain type of cycle with highs and lows in their relationship to to come together. A very common question I’m asked all the time,

Why do Twin flames go through so much agony prior to the union.

As difficult as it may sound and I’m sure you’ve researched and heard this before. It’s part of the process and everyone has their own individual work to do on themselves.
In many cases yes it can take many years before they do finally come together, I know many of you don’t wanna hear this but I must be totally honest. Twin flames never have it easy. Letting go and releasing something (excess baggage) if they’re holding on to, that they don’t even realize.

Sometimes the process can be really painful if there is a lot that they must first work on themselves. Everyone situation is unique, and experience is never the same.

Both soulmates and Twin flames go through a certain type of cycle with highs and lows in their relationship to to come together. A very common question I’m asked all the time,

Many soulmates will mimic the Twin Flame energy connection.

This does not necessarily mean that twin flames are better than soulmates, actually twin flames are part of the Soulmate collective.

I highly recommend that you don’t seek out a certain type of a divine soulmate for your life partner. We are also sent different types of soulmates, some are not always soulmates they are people in our lives to enhance, grow and develop. You may be preventing yourself from eating your divine Partner.

Twin flames many times are stuck inside their own negativity, emotional hurt and are running from their own feelings of love. They’re not aware or awakened, it usually comes from a fear-based energy in the past.


The self work can be tough

When they start working on themselves, and negativity is being pushed the surface, there’s a lot of purging and releasing toxic energy that they’ve been holding onto.

This will cause the emotional pain of being lost, frightened and not knowing where their path is.

But as they start working on themselves it will enrich and empower both of their lives. Not only with their spirit but but working with one another simultaneously.

There are many different types of soulmate connections that we meet in our lifetime. Some are more intense energetically than others and some involve more drama, chaos and negativity with coming to a divine union in Harmony. Though some may be very unique, they all share one thing in common and that is the runner and chaser phases. That all soul mate energies connection can experience. In the beginning there’s a magnetic pull, as they get closer and stronger, one usually will pull away because of fear or doubt. This is commonly known as the runner and chaser stages. The twin flame connection has many different types of stages. The runner and Chaser Dynamic is caused by internal conflict and ego. Many times there are previous sold wounds and emotional issues that can rise very high in the early stages of merging with the  twin flame Energy bond. The runner is running from something more eternal and not realizing why they are running. This can be a series of arguments and back-and-forth reconciling and then disconnect. There may be some narcissistic behavior because of ego-based energies attached. In this type of situation the chaser is actually the more advanced and a mature soul where the runner is actually the one who is not aware and mature enough to understand their soul purpose together. The runner and chaser dynamic can last for several months and sometimes for years. It’s never good to continue to chase and try to nudge the runner back. Understanding why the twin flame runner runs, can be confusing. It may not be the reasons that you are assuming, like that it was you. But actually it has nothing to do with how they feel about their twin. This is mainly internal conflict deep inside their core. There are many different reasons why they are running. Not everyone is the same for example some runners may run because they are blocking the feeling of  a lack love or abandonment that could’ve started from their childhood. Many are afraid of love and don’t know how to express themselves because of their own past emotions. And for some it has a lot to do with the intensity to the feel with someone that they barely even know, that it scares them when it comes to love and commitments. No matter how long the runner runs, there will be something that will pull them back to their soulmate. It will happen sooner or later, never putting a time on exactly how long because of their learning their own life lessons and this may take time. You may read many different theories about twin flames (soul connections) runners and chasers. The one thing they all have in common is that the both runners and chasers need each other to fulfill their own life lesson and complete their soul mission purpose together. Does the runner ever return? It’s something you may ask. The answer is simple

The Twin flame Journey is not meant to cause emotional pain and agony inside.

There’s a higher purpose for them to learn and grow spiritually, and getting past this negativities will help them in power of their lives. This is coming into the 5D energy level and vibrating on a higher frequency together.

Coming to the divine union they seem extremely difficult. They both need to be ready and aligned spiritually to come together as one.

Releasing and surrendering to cleanse their energy with letting go may feel like a challenge. But when you understand the process and learn how to deal with it, Twin flame can see how much easier smoother the process feels.

Your divine Soulmate does not need to be aware completely but they will feel the energetic like that you send them.

I highly recommend working on yourself by cutting off chords and attachments from previous situations, letting go of things that you’ve been holding onto.

Clean the clutter before you send off spiritual telepathic Messages to your divine soulmate or twin flame.

The light needs to be completely pure from your heart, but if you have any type of negativity or things that you just can’t let go of, it’s going to be very difficult for you to receive and send spiritual messages from your twin flame.

Opening your heart to love is the first up, as you work on yourself you can
still meditate and send positive energy with light.

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