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Soulmate love energy – Raising your Vibration

The one question I’m often asked most. “Is how do you raise your vibration to attract your Divine Soulmate?”

Usually people need to feel uplifted or they are at a standstill and going through the same cycle and pattern. Every day in your life, every interaction and moment you experience has an impact on your energy level. The choices that you are moving in a direction is either raising or lowering your vibration.

Whenever your energy has been drained, You automatically go into a lower vibrational level. This will block your energy spiritually and mentally also physically. This also lowers the vibrational frequency and doesn’t allow you to open yourself to positive Energy for love.

The most common feelings associated with lower vibrations is negative energy, emotional, lethargy and even health challenges.

When you’re looking to attract love into your life, it’s best that you start with a feeling of wholeness, gratitude and a heart full of self love and acceptance. The question is how does one get there?

The first thing you want to start it stop looking into the past and putting away any type of negative memories that bring your spirit down. This will automatically lower your vibrations and prevent you from achieving a higher level spiritually.

Automatically you are not sending out love vibrations but the total opposite. This in return will not retract your divine partner into your life.

1. First step is to get the proper mindset. I like to start with positive affirmations every morning start my day. Practicing gratefulness on many levels. Focusing on positive affirmations automatically raises your vibes in the morning, allowing yourself to accept and acknowledge the blessings you have. This automatically is being grateful also it helps you to spiritually awakened despite whatever you’re going through in your life. You automatically open the doors for new love to flow through and into your life just by saying positive affirmations every morning.

2. Focus on yourself, you need to do some self maintenance in your life. As you are maintaining your home your car and other things, sometimes we end up neglecting ourselves. Self maintenance is very important, First step is focus on what your physical body’s needs in order to feel better. To feel charged mentally and spiritually. Keeping up healthy regimen is important, there are many who like to get massages, facials and even going to get your hair done can actually raise your vibration. It doesn’t take much when it comes to the self maintenance area.

3. Spirituality and shifting your awareness to meditation will help you open your Soul center to invite your guides and angels to guide your path. Calling upon to the higher self to help tune into the higher levels of love and light. Raising the vibrational energy and amplifying the highest level of light into your life with love. You can feel and visualize the love surrounding you, in return you send out vibes and call out to your divine soulmates, twin flame would love relationship.

4. Physical activity is one of the ways that releases negative energy that you’ve been holding onto and accumulating. This doesn’t mean you have to join a gym or health club. There are many ways to get physical exercise into your life. They are streaming workouts that you can do classes in your home, go for a nature walk. Just make sure that you are getting your body moving and releasing anything that has been pulling you down.

I know sometimes it’s difficult that you may feel drained and just want to sit at home and relax especially during this time of the year, but it will only make your vibration lower and when it comes to the energy levels you need to bring it up anyway you can. The more physically active you become a higher level your energy will be.

5. Eating healthy, I know this is a sensitive subject and a lot of people don’t like to hear this. But when it comes to raising your vibration, eating unprocessed and clean foods will help bring your body to optimal health. When you feel good physically automatically feel good mentally and spiritually charged. Staying away from foods that are processed, fast food restaurants and try to stick to healthy fruits vegetables and adding healthy grass fed beef, antibiotic free poultry and health proteins. Keep away from sugar and keep the carbs lower, the most important thing is eat in moderation.

6. Keep Hydrated! Drink plenty of water, this helps with clearing mental blocks and helps with meditation. In return you will be raising the vibrations by drinking clean water. I like to drink at least 10 glasses a day.

7. Laugh, laugh and laugh. Watch a comedy, laughing is one of the things that increases oxygen into your lungs and automatically lets go of the drama and tension in life. This is very important every day to laugh and use the throat chakra to help release the negativity.

8. Music. The power of music and sounds. Also if you like to sing, it’s very soothing and healing to sing to one of your favorite songs and listen to the music to bring love and joy into your heart.

9. Adding house plants and flowers to your home, by adding the beauty of a living plant it can actually help you feel more relaxed and calm. Also pets can add the same vibration into your home as well.

10. Crystals for healing. I love all crystals and stones and have them all over my home. Placing stones and crystals throughout your house manifests the energy of love and light all around you. Especially if you like to meditate in your home. I charge my crystals under a new moon or the full moon to help give them energizing light. Visualizing with rose quartz the love you want to come into your life will help amplify The love vibration higher.

11. Stop stressing! don’t think about things that don’t pertain to you and worry. You need to focus on your soul center and working on yourself. This is the only way to bring your vibration higher. If you’re constantly digging deep into Old past wounds, you are igniting negativity. This is where you need to focus on the love that you have surrounding you and calling out to your divine partner.

Try creating a vision board and adding the things that you would like to attract and have manifested for 2018, as we are approaching the new year. Now is the perfect time to prepare and organize your life for new beginnings!

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