Soulmates & Twinflames

What to do when your Twin Flame is not ready to Reunite?

Soulmates can be friendships but they also can be lifelong soul partners.

There are so many that enter in our lives as you may already know and many times, they are just people who are sent to us to help us correct mistakes, learn about ourselves and to help us on our spiritual journey.

We meet so many throughout our life times and then it may cause us heartache. And then, another one enters to take that place and fulfill the missing void.


You can meet someone and think that this person is your true eternal SOULMATE, but only having it end up into heartache and disappointment.
Then meeting up with your true soulmate – your twin flame.

Twin flames are part of the Soulmate group, but they are sent from the Divine.

Twinflames are the other half of your spirit. Everyone is different and unique. Some are meant to be with their soulmate in life and some are sent as their twin flame.
It’s not that one is better than the other but there is a divine pre-plan destiny designated just for you.

The main reason why soulmates enter during our lives is to help us learn valuable lessons to grow, within inside our spirit.

When meeting your divine partner (Soul mate or Twinflame), you have a sense of knowing of why you were involved with such a negative or several negative and toxic relationships, prior of meeting your Divine partner.

Whenever you meet a soulmate, there is a feeling of knowing and healing that happens between them. Psychic energy fills up, that you both feel deep within your spirit.

Soulmates are always ready and open to find each other, but there are many also that are scared and that can go into a standstill with their energy.

When meeting up so unexpected, then getting involved so quickly, when one or both are not ready. Will it create the runner and chaser phases in both Soulmate and twin flame connection.

There are so many people that when they hear the word soulmate, everyone’s mind starts going into a lifelong partnership that will be perfect.

But actually the truth is that soulmates come in for many different reasons and not all are meant for lifelong partnerships.

Soulmates connections are always spiritual.
They help with life lessons and healing, many time they both need to learn from past life energies.


A Soulmate can enter in our life when they are young and find themselves in a romantic relationship filled with love. Getting married, having children (sometimes grandchildren). Only to have it end in a divorce.

Finding out that it was a life lesson and a steppingstone to help us get where we need to be ultimately in our lives.

This is when they reconnect with another soulmate, most of the times it is the twin flame connection.

There are many different situations when meeting your Twin flame is the most beautiful and intense feeling that they will ever feel with that person.

Most of the time, they will try to reestablish their connection together. But quite often, there is some sort of difficulty with reuniting and living in perfect harmony.

This are the runner and chaser stages in the twin flame connection.

They first go through what we call the honeymoon phase, they think and feel that everything is perfect, that it’s the best thing they’ve ever had in your life.

Many times, both twins are extremely happy and then the Runner may just pick up and leave without warning, making the chaser feel as if they did something wrong and blaming themselves.


You may ask what are a Runner and chaser stages, exactly?

The Runner and Chaser don’t necessarily mean that they are running and chasing each other.

Just that the runner is running from their own emotions and unaware (or awake) of what their divine connection is all about.

The Chaser understands the risks and is emotionally ready, they are awake and understand the connection.

The Runner can run for several months or years before they finally awaken. I know that this sounds extreme but they need to sort through their own issues, usually caused by some sort of fear in their life.

The Chaser is always willing to help and give the Runner another chance. Although they are awake and they will wait until the Chaser is ready.

Eventually the Runner will come to their senses and awaken, it’s never too late for the Runner and Chaser to come together into a divine union.

How to find your soulmate or twin flame?

The answer is simple, you never seek out and look for any type of soul connection, but look for the person that you are most drawn to. The only way to find your true Divine partner is to align your spirit and embrace love.

The first step to heal from the separation of your twin flame.

1. Stop stressing about when you will reunite with your Twin Flame

Stop focusing your mind on him or her, trying to figure out why things happened in your relationship. Sometimes blaming yourself about the situation.

This is actually causing more harm than good. This is why you both send and receive energy to each other and many times you will feel your Twin telepathically.

Remotely, you both can send and receive energy to each other that in return they can feel what the other is feeling.

It’s not that you can have a full conversation with your twin telepathically, but if you do send messages, they will feel something coming through in a spiritual sense.

2. Focus on loving yourself.

Yes I know we all love ourselves, but many times we don’t exactly express love to ourselves.

Saying positive affirmations every day, even though you don’t feel positive will help the love amplify higher vibrations inside your soul center.

3. Release toxic energy.

Many times, you can accumulate negative energy, not just from people but from certain foods that you may eat, by example.

Eating healthier and clean as always #1. But also physical activity. Getting in some type of vigorous exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week helps with the healing process with twin flames.

There are many ways to fit in some type of exercise, a few of my favorites are Zumba, Walking, circuit training, and my new favorite spinning.

You will feel much more lighter and not to mention look better too. Of course, always consult with your Physician if you have health issues and what works best for you.

4. Spirituality and meditation

When you tune into your own spirituality, it helps you to get all these other things moving along. I highly recommend it and many find yoga to be very therapeutic when it comes to beginners meditation.

Meditation is easier than you think. It’s all about total relaxation and letting your mind go so that your spirit can help you find the peace and serenity that it longs for.

It’s all part of a mind body and spirit connection with your Twin flame.
Once you become and more adjusted with yourself – emotionally, physically and spiritually, things can fall into place and you will feel much more grounded and healing inside your spirit.

There’s always a soul mission with twin flames and you need to focus on yours. They need to work on themselves as well.

Always remember to love yourself first. Sometimes when your energy is low you may forget how to embrace a higher vibrational level to attract your soul connection and manifest the relationship into your life.

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