Soulmates & Twinflames

Understanding Soulmate & Twin flame Connections and their phases.

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There are so many different types of soulmates that enter our lives, as many of you already know.

There are compatible soulmates, twin flame and karmic connection, and I know that this can all be so confusing but I will give you a little insight on what each of them mean.

The Soulmate bond is very strong and we can have this connection with more than one person.

There are also eternal soul mates that make an intense impact into our lives, that share a soul contract to help you fulfill your life destiny.

Many times we are connected to these amazing soul mates and live many years, many times life partnerships.

Twin flame Connections are a little different but still part of the Soulmate group.

The twin flame connection is actually one soul split into two, your other half.

We actually go through life times trying to reunite and get our life path balanced.

Many times, twinflames do not meet up in a lifetime and is skipped to the next. There is about 50% chance that you will meet your twin flame. I always say that it’s never good to go look for a specific type of soulmate, twin flame, Past Life or karmic connection.

Your destiny is meant for you to be with the perfect partner and it’s not meant for you to choose what type of soul connection you both should have.

What are a soulmate and a twin flame connection?

They belong to the same soul group, but are very different.
Soulmates share a soul connection that will help them learn lessons and help them find their path.

Twin flames can go through a lot of chaos and negativity before they actually find harmony and peace with one another.

Many times, it can take several years before they finally get through the purging and detoxing of negativity in their lives.

What is stronger – Soulmate or twin flame connection?

They are all equal as in how important they are in your life. You may feel differently with each and every type of soul connection we meet.

The Soulmate connection is a very deep energy that you share with someone. But both twin flames and soulmates actually have a deep intensity in their energy all together.

Twin flames share an intense soul connection that is filled with both a beautiful vitality and longevity within their spirit.
Soulmates can reflect many parts of us such as our family, friends, coworkers and even our pets.

The twin flame connection is a blast of energy that changes your life when you meet your other half.
Your life will never be the same after meeting your twin flame, even if you are in a long term relationship with someone else.

Twin flames are actually the mirror of each other and they are the opposite of one another, similar to Yin Yang.

How do I know if I share a certain type of Soul bond, such as a Soulmate, karmic or Twin flame connection?

With Soulmates, you can feel the energy right away and that something is about to happen in your life and you know that there is a connection there.
You may have a lot in common and you both may find out that everything you do is very compatible.

Now twin flames are actually the center of your soul and this isn’t as simple as it seems to be with, actually they experience certain types of drama and difficulties while connecting.

This doesn’t have to be on a physical level, usually it’s when they try to communicate, they seem not to see eye to eye. With this type of connection, there are different phases such as the Runner and the Chaser stages.

With twin flames you may feel a very compelling kind of feeling, when you first meet them.

It’ll be almost like a lightbulb switched on and everything now makes sense, as why you had to experience negativity and turmoil in your life, prior of meeting them.

There’s a masculine and the feminine side with twin flames, which doesn’t necessarily mean the same with genders.

They can be both the male and the female or the same gender. But when it comes to the Twin flame connection, there is always a masculine and feminine sides to both Twins.

Twin flame can complete each other’s energy and feel intense sexually and emotionally bonding.

No matter what their life path has taken them prior to meeting their twin, they will find one another no matter what. But usually it happens after they have completed trials and tests by working on themselves spiritually.

Twin flames cannot come together unless they have worked on themselves and finally found peace inside their spirit.

Are twin flames toxic relationships?

It’s not necessarily toxic but it can’t feel that way when one twin is running from their own self.

They will try to resist their connection, by even trying to cut the cords. In my experience, no one has ever been successful with cutting cords in a Twin flame connection.

Also many people cannot deal with the intensity of the energy. This requires spiritual healing and balancing within inside their soul center. I highly recommend meditation to help with the healing process.

Everyone has free will and we have choices, but after meeting your twin, it is very difficult to have the same feelings for someone else.

It’s better not to deny your twin flame connection but dealing and coping with the situation that is in front of you.

How can I find my Twin flame or Soulmate?

I’m always been asked this question, but to be honest with you, it’s highly recommended that you don’t go searching for him or her. Especially if there appears to be a type of connection that appeals to you, such as a twin flame.

There are many reasons why you are meant to be with a specific type, for the time being and then later, being with another type. I see this change all the time and there’s no way to spiritually detect which one is best for you.

You are meant to be happy with someone and loved. Sometimes we are passing through with certain people, then the relationship fade and we move onto the next, and so on; so it’s better to just take it day by day with each person you meet.

What is a past life soulmate connection?

We are all sent into the world and brought here for a brief time.
We are passing through to make some decisions in our existence, until our last breath.

Whenever we don’t connect, everyone has a decision, when they are crossed over, to return back to the physical world, to live and sort through the conflicting times.

This is why many times you feel that “déjà vu” type of feeling with people or places and many times you know that this is something spiritual, through a dream and it all happens for a reason. Nothing is a coincidence!

How can you tell when we have a past life?

I believe in past lives and I know we have more than one. Many times we get impressions and flashes through visions and dreams. Going through the sleep cycle with the subconscious mind, we are actually opening ourselves to the soul center, like the way children are.

What is a karmic energy?

Many times, they have a past life history and it can create a lot of negativity for them to live in harmony.

Many times, they also mimic the twin flame connection. People may get mixed up with the twin flame and actually have met a false twin.

How will I know I’m not with my false twin flame?

The only way to know if that is a false twin is when you meet your True twin flame and usually this is very rare. But you want a soulmate to be a Twin flame and then later find out it was a soulmate, this is still considered a spiritual connection.

I know that it gets confusing when you can be with someone and think that they are your twin flame and then realize several years later after meeting your true twin that they were not your twin but actually a soulmate helping you to find your true twin flame.

This is why it’s another reason not to go look for a specific type of connection, you just need to take it one step at a time with every relationship, even if you are just dating that person.

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