Soulmates & Twinflames

Twin Flames Separation stages

During the Twin flames Runner and Chaser stages with soul mates and twin flames. There is a period of separation that is painful. 

Twin flames share a very divine spiritual connection. They’re part of the Soul connection collective. There are many different types of spiritual connections, but only Twin flames are able to telepathically communicate with one another. Twin flames share previous lives together. When they first meet, they can feel that there is a "déjà vu" energy and almost like feeling home with one another. Twin flames experience visions and flashbacks of their past lives. This can also happen with many different types of Soulmates as well. Some Soulmates mimic the Twin flame energy, but all serve a different purpose in a person's life. Twin flames, Twin rays, and Twin souls share a very unique energetic connection. They are all different, but they do activate each other soul-centered to the 5D frequency level. When they’re tuned in to one another, they are able to telepathically communicate energetically with each other. This is usually done through meditation as they connect to their higher selves reaching one another. No matter what type of Soul connection you share, they are all very unique and special. Twin flames can instantly connect to a telepathic level, but first they must awaken and come to a perfect alignment with one another. Their energies are automatically amplified to the higher frequency of the 5D level. Twin flames together will feel this deep intense bond and surge of energy. As soon as their Souls awaken, they are in total alignment and be able to telepathically communicate and many times after traveling through dreams. This can take time as they need to work on themselves to become more aware and awake. Balancing their energy and alignment happens through spiritual meditations. With focusing on your higher self, and always keeping yourself open to the truth, and loving yourself. How to come to an alignment to telepathically communicate? Feeling one another’s energy. It’s not just focusing on messages telepathically, but you will actually be able to feel one another without trying to. The magic with Twin flames is that they can tune in to one another without trying and help one another with the messages that they need to say to one another when needed. This can come at any random time. It may come in through feelings and emotions interpreted with your own thoughts. Hearing their voice. You may hear the sound in the voice even if they are nowhere around you. This is telepathic energy that you may hear in a physical sound as the messages are being given to you. This comes to a very big mystery to many people, it’s not very common that you will hear it but it does happen. Just be aware. Dreams. You are able to connect into the dream cycle and astral travel to be as one. But also communicating telepathically in dreams is extremely common. Yes, you may not remember everything, but you will have the feeling that you two are together and there was energy given to each other. This is channeling into one another’s energy. Flashes, signs, and visions. There are many different types of signs that you make see and feel. Numbers are usually the most popular. And we can see them in all different varieties. For example 111, 11 1111, 222, 22222, and etc. Also license plates with numbers, rare love songs with words that you know that has a symbolic meaning. These things come in many shapes and forms and not explainable because they are the signs that are being given to you energetically. You may not understand them but they do have symbolic meaning so it’s highly recommended. that you pay attention and write them down. They are thinking of you This is the most amazing power that divine counterparts have with one another. They can feel each other so much stronger energetically. They understand each other and feel each other‘s feelings. Because you both are connected, you may be feeling them out of the blue for no reason. This is also working vice versa. This is very important to have a very high and positive mindset to keep your vibration uplifted as much as possible. Working on themselves continuously. In order for them to reach union, they must work on themselves. Releasing and surrendering negativity that no longer serves a purpose. This promotes healing and aligns their energies together. This is the main reason that separation is necessary for them to let go and work on themselves completely. Another reason why separation is necessary for them to work on themselves thoroughly. Many times it can be very brutally painful to be separated, but as they come into alignment they start to realize and awaken. They will always continue to work on themselves until they find themselves back together as one. They will also work on themselves when they are in union.

This is the time when both twins need to experience a deep emotional detachment in order to heal.

It feels as if a part of you has been completely ripped out and can never be replaced. But this is not what is happening, this is a process to release energies from the old you in order to emerge as “one” with your twin.

When twin flames first meet, they see the windows of their own soul in each other‘s eyes.

This is a very intense  magical moment.They both feel a magnetic pull that is trying to bring them together, while one twin may run because of that fear-based energy that they are caring for and need to release and heal from it. 

The Chaser is left feeling emotionally withdrawn as if they had done something but it had nothing to do with them.

The Runner and chaser phase, one twin will run from something deep inside themselves. They are not their authentic self and do not understand or know how to handle it.

There are many different stages with the Soulmate Twin flame connection process.

They both are trying to understand and balance in order to come to an alignment and to be in a higher frequency of 5D. We all need to understand that when we come to an alignment, it’s not just with ourselves but we need to be aligned with our Twin flame and our Soul journey.

Twin Flames can see their Twin’s inner child

Yes, we live in today’s society where these things may be forgotten as we grow up into adulthood, but forgetting who you are can make you lose your spiritual power, when there is so much that you can do in order to heal and manifest your soul center.

Our inner child can bring up old memories from the past and even past lives. You are able to understand why you went through things in your life and without ego you can learn from your mistakes and life lessons.

This is a necessary step for our soul work on this earth where you can reach our true center. This is where we can release and let go of all that has been broken and heal past old wounds inside ourselves.

Many times, we are holding onto insecurity and anger, actually self-sabotaging our own happiness.

Forgiving is also extremely important for healing. Many times you are holding onto an excess baggage that represents a lot of your base energies from you as a child, and holding onto it prevents you from shining your true light.

Lifting your vibration and keeping it into a higher level with love will accelerate the process of bringing love and blessings into your life. 

Tips on raising the healing process with your inner child. 

Be around bright beautiful colors. Colors attract energy and the colors that you may be trying currently may not be exactly what will bring out your inner child.

Try to stick to the fun bright colors like from crayon boxes. 

Better yet, grab a box of crayola and start coloring!


Right down everything you feel about your twin and the energies he or she would like to change between you both.

Many times, you may feel anger, that’s OK, it’s all about releasing and letting go in order to heal and find your inner child.


When we look at old photos, it brings back many different memories, some good and bad, but this is a time to let go and be reminded of the times that you were once a child and the feeling that you had while being a child.

Looking at your younger self will help you realize how much you’ve grown and how much she forgot about your true identity.


This is a time to shine and sometimes we don’t want to show that side of ourselves but you know what I’m talking about! 

Even going to the playground or having fun with kids can actually bring out the inner child in you. 

Think of yourself as a child and the kids are the friends that you’re playing with. You will be surprised at how much fun you all can have together. Remember, you were once a child at one time!


As many of you know, I’m very big with saying affirmations in the morning to myself in the mirror. 

I like to start off with prayer, meditate and say positive affirmations like these:

I love you and forgive youI need you and will never leave you I know you have it in you.

I’m are beautiful and amazing

I’m can accomplish so much!

You can do this because you have so much light in you. This is just a little example of what I use. Also visualize these words. 

Think of beautiful scenic areas or grab a book or go to a site with beautiful landscape pictures.

Whatever you do, remember that this is a journey that you are on with your twin. You both are reciprocating the energies back-and-forth to each other.  Everything comes together in Divine timing and being ready and prepared for what is to come.

Working on ourselves is the soul purpose that we go through in this twin flame journey.

But first we need to understand that Ego can get in the way and this can happen to both twins. With many challenges and fulfill life lessons.

If you are involved in a Twin flame relationship, the important thing to remember is you need to be strong and able to risk your heart, soul and body in the relationship. Twin flames will think the same and hold the same important values. Just keep in mind that it’s NEVER GOOD to ever go searching for any type of soul connection.

The key here is to raise your vibration and send the light through your inner child. When you feel good and uplifting, they will feel it as well. 

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