The terms soulmates and twin flames have been very confusing to understand over the last few years. The Soulmate energy connection is very powerful. We do have more than one enters into my lives. But not all are positive experiences. Sometimes we uncover a lot of negativity being with us Soulmate and trying to define they've entered our lives to create heartache. There is a lot of controversy on the Internet of the True definitions with Soulmate connections – compatible – Twin flame – past life or karmic flames. Trying to understand and search for the type of soulmate that you would like to share your life with is not recommended and can get very confusing. I wrote this article to help you understand the soulmate love connection that you may be sharing with someone and exploring more on the type giving you a better clarity on your soul connection. Do you ask yourself: What is the twin flame connection? What is the difference between a soulmate and twin flame also karmic Connections? Do I have a Soulmate? Did I ever meet my soulmate? Do we have more than one twin flame? How do I know we are soulmates? Is a twin flame better than a soulmate? Soulmate Connections are connected before we enter into a lifetime and you have no control on how many or who your soulmate is. The true soulmate is someone who comes into your life and makes an impact on your life. Number one you need to not go looking for your soulmate or twin flame this is highly recommended that you don't search for a specific type. Many people think that twin flames are the best type of soulmate, when actually it's just the type that we all share with one person that we are split into two separate souls. The twin flame is the other half of you. Twin flames can go through many lives trying to unite with their other half and it's a 50% chance that they actually do find each other. When they do sometimes it is not in harmony and can go through a lifelong process of trying to find balance and get through life lessons. When the twin soul meet up in a lifetime, they will not find harmony right away. They both will experience some type of challenge and chaos before they can find peace and serenity with each other, this is part of their soul mission in life. Sometimes twin flames can meet up and it seems to be a toxic type of relationship but then things can turn around and he could be a match made in heaven. The twin flame Connections are actually devoted to one another and can stick it out under a The twin flame Connections are actually devoted to one another and can stick it out under any condition. When they are separated nothing can disconnect them because their love is totally unconditional forever. It is internal that no one can understand. The love of a twin flame is extreme and it also can have a thin line between love and hate. The twin flame connection can start as early as preschool, separating for many years as they may go on living their lives apart. Then later on finding one another while they are living separate lives. The union will automatically be restored and as if they've known each other forever and there will be no awkwardness in their connection. Only their love renewed and grown stronger. Twin flame challenges Sometimes there is a big age difference and I see this quite often, they can be with other partners, living on the other side of the world from each other, different backgrounds and cultures. They will come together no matter what obstacle is in their path. The twin flame connection always reunite when the time is right. Twin flames Mira one another and the synchronicity's are extremely intense and amazing. They can find themselves in a 5D level when they are emerged as one. Soulmates share a compatible type of relationship and can be equally as intense as the twin flame connection. Many times Soulmate's mimic twin flames and many can get confused with this type of energy connection. It's only for the fact if they are not destined to meet their twin flame in a lifetime they will find harmony and contentment with your true soulmate. This is the number one reason why I say never go looking for your twin flame or a type of soulmate that seems suitable for you. Remember there is a specific plan that is part of your destiny. Karmic Connections The karmic connection can feel like a twin flame there is an extreme energy between them too. Many times there is some negativities that they are fighting and trying to find balance from. Many would call it a very toxic type of connection but actually it's part of clearing up past life karmic energy that they have not found a resolution to. You have different types of soulmates and non-Soulmate Connections but everyone is unique and they may enter in your life as a romantic relationship, coworkers family and friends. Every soulmate will enter in your life to help you with the trials and tests that you need to go through in order to find your true destiny. Your twin flame will be veal what your inner truth deep inside and help you find what you need to move forward in your life. When you meet your twin flame it will turn your life completely around 360°. How did twin flames become separated? Before you were ever created in this life you were one soul with another and as you entered into a lifetime. That one's soul split into two and created twin flames. Always searching and seeking for each other many times with difficulties with connecting and finding peace with each other. The twin flame connection always finds themselves in union when the time is perfected. Many times they need to go through years of separating and letting go of toxic and negativity inside themselves. Only to be perfected so that when the reunion with twin flames does take place, it is the most beautiful and wonderful experience you could ever feel with someone. Runners and chasers The runner and Chaser phases stage is very common among all types of Soulmate Connections. Especially the twin flames and creating a bigger challenge with them uniting as one. this usually happens when there is an issue between the runner and the Chase are coming together. And then finding peace and contentment with each other. When there is a negative issue between both souls, whether it be a soulmate or twinflame connection. It will create one to run away from whatever issue it may be. There is a masculine and feminine side to this, most will say that the masculine will always be the runner but actually it is both very equal with runners and chasers. Men have more commitments and emotional issues than women that cause a larger number of masculine runners versus the feminine chasers. I was a runner and you can read more of my story on my other blog also my video. Runners and Chaser rolls can be actually reversed overtime when one is actually more awake and the other isn't spiritually awake. It all varies with the twin flame soulmate runner and chaser phases. Remember you can't think every love relationship is a soulmate or twin flame. When we are brought into this world to meet and be with other people, it's to help us grow and learn about ourselves. When you meet your soulmate, you will know that there is a deep impact with this person and usually it is a compatible type of energy connection. When you meet your twin flame you will feel a very intense magnetic type of pull. Many calling this living in the 5D level on a higher frequency that you will ever feel. I've made this article more generalized towards all types of soulmates, understand that everyone situation may seem similar but everybody is unique. Some mistake a soulmate connection for a twin flame and vice versa. I try to give the best description from all my research and the previous soulmate and twin flame connection that I work with to understand the common types of situations with these unique soul contracts. Understand and knowing the situation in your love relationship is important. With a love soulmate and twin flame reading I will help you to understand your situation. Giving you the best of my abilities to know if there is a future or if it is time to move on from this person. Just having an understanding and knowing the truth will give you the peace of mind in your life. To learn more about readings I do offer them via phone, chat, text or emails.Psychic Ann utilizes her gift of clairvoyance in all her sessions, while being guided by spirit guides and angels. She can provide for clients with a higher level of understanding their situation and how to avoid obstacles that may be in their path.

How Ann became Soulmate reader? She has always been fascinated with the spiritual connections that people share with one another.

Soulmates have a specific meaning to each other but not all are alike, you can read more about Soulmates and Twin Flames also there is many articles on her blog.

Many years of research and working with different types of Soulmates and Twin flame couples, she then realized that this was her calling to help people find peace when it comes to matters of the heart.

Ann is emphatic and an intuitive clairvoyant that has been helping people with feeling the deep energy of the Soulmate and twin flame connection, these area are her specialty.

Ann is the original Soulmate reader on the Internet for over 17 years.
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A soulmate love reading can help you find clarity in your love situation. She can help you figure out if this is an actual soulmate, twin flame or someone but you need to move on from.

Please be advise that Ann does not sure a coat. Sometimes the truth is not what you want to hear, but necessary in order to help you find your true path and be with someone that is destined for you for the future.

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