Soulmates & Twinflames

Raise Your Love Vibrations to Attract Your Soulmate / Twin flame


High Vibrations between soulmates, regardless of their relationship situation can be very intense. Twin flames can pick up one another’s energy vibrations when they are apart. The same way genetic twins feel each other.

They usually have psychic ability and can pick up each other’s feelings instantly. With one twin being the stronger spirit vessel, being enlightened and awake.

Many times when one Twin is confused or afraid, it creates lower vibrations to the weaker spirit vessel. Often called the runner and the chaser phases.

The runner will pretend that there is nothing wrong with their situation and will hide their inner feelings. Many will turn to a substance abuse. Or become totally consumed in their work, they are unable to feel any emotion of love.

The Runner Twin is often lost and afraid, their vibrations have been completely lowered, often the chaser will pick up this lower vibration and it can create anxiety and sometimes depression.

And this can also happen with Soulmate connections as well. Since many soul mates can mimic the Twin flame connection, the same Runner and Chaser stages can also lower their vibrations and create energy of sadness and anxiety as well.

How do I raise the vibrations with my Soulmate/Twin flame?

First learn how to love yourself. Yes you may love yourself but do you express the love you have for yourself? Many times we can judge and criticize ourselves without realizing it. This is when you’re actually sending out negative vibes to your spirit. And everyone around you will be able to feel that source of negativity being sent out.

Embrace love in your heart, even if it means just loving the simple things that you have with gratitude. By generating positive feelings about yourself, you not only are attracting positive people and bringing your vibrations higher. But you’re also going to feel a whole lot better inside.



This is the most powerful tool you can use in order to push out any type of anxiety, fear or worry in your life. You will be able to listen to your guides and inner voice guiding you to The messages that are being given to you by the universe.

Without realizing it, you were blocking these messages and your blessings coming from the divine. This is a time to sit still and release all with surrendering your heart.
You can listen to soft nature sounds. Taking some deep breaths and close your eyes, just Focus on positive energy and light.

Give yourself time to enjoy the great outdoors. This is my favorite place to meditate and to let go anything that I’m holding onto from the prior week.

It’s a good time to start at the beginning of the week even if you can just get 5 to 10 minutes of meditation each day. You will open, balance and heal your chakras with love and light.

While meditating it’s important to put away or turn off any of your tech devices. Phones and tablets can create an interference with your energy frequency when meditating and raising your vibrations.


Eat smart

Whatever you put in your body, will always show on the outside. Not to mention how it’s going to make you feel on the inside (Amazing).

Eating healthier and staying away from foods that are processed and ingredients that you are unable to pronounce. Will definitely create an impact on your vibrations.

When you choose real food such as organic produce, lean protein and adding the super foods into your diet (Chia seeds, Maca, cacao nibs and etc.)

This will have a huge effect on your energy and your vibrations. That will definitely go up! Try to stay away from anything that is processed, laced with pesticides and choose either fresh or frozen, stay away from canned.

When your energy is risen up and your vibrations are more energetic, you are sending a positive message to your soulmate / twin flame. This will actually entice them to move forward, feeling positive and start healing with a spiritual awakening.


Exercise and Fitness
When you’re releasing toxins out of your body with cardio or some type of vigorous exercise (sweating). You are letting go of anything that has accumulated in your body previously. And you are focusing on bringing a new feeling of love into your heart.

Just like that endorphins high that you get after you exercise and working out. This is when your vibrations are through, and the roof, you are feeling that you can accomplish anything! And YES YOU CAN! When you have this mindset, you will get through whatever challenges you are being faced with while raising your vibrations, when you start a regular exercise routine each day.
It can be either going to the gym or just a simple 10 to 15 minute walk a day.

This will help clear away any type of distortion of negativity and help you find serenity with your true center.


Being around high vibe people

when you are focused on positivity and the people around you are on the same wavelength as you are. You automatically are attracting and empowering a positive lifestyle. This will manifest love all around you and attract your divine soulmate.

This will encourage your Twin flame to come forward and surround themselves with positive energy with love, compassion and remind them that they are loved.

Let go of past hurts and allow your healing to attract love and remove past emotional wounds. When you let go of grudges and things that do not serve a purpose, you will be able to hear and see clearly the messages that are being given to you both. If apart it will help bring you both to a divine union.


Being aware of your own vibrations

The higher your frequency, The more you will empower positive energy and radiant health into your life. Helping your divine soulmate absorb love and light with positive energy. This will help the love vibrations to be higher between you two.

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